Why You Should Take Your Clip-Ins Out Before Bed

Taking out your clip-ins before going to bed is great for your real hair, but it also increases the longevity of the hair extensions too. So, start getting into the habit of taking your hair extension out every night.

Harmful to your hair health

Although clip-in hair extensions are a safe method to lengthen and volumise your real hair, sleeping in your extensions can cause damage to your hair. While you move around as you’re sleeping, the clips can actually pull at your natural hair. They also apply a lot of unnecessary pressure to the hair, making it weak which can lead to breakage. What’s the point of sleeping with extensions if they’re only going to damage your hair?

If your overall goal is to add length to your hair, You should do all you can to keep your hair healthy including;

  • Making sure that you clean your extensions regularly just as you would your natural hair
  • Applying moisturiser
  • Letting them rest at night

The correct usage of your clip in hair extensions will NOT harm your real hair. But sleeping with your extensions in will only cause damage to your hair, so let your extensions rest while you rest. Your hair will be grateful to you in the long run.

Reduces the Longevity of your Extensions

Jadore Hair Extensions Australia Clip-ins typically last much longer than hair extensions that are permanent. But how is this possible? It’s possible because you don’t have to wear your extensions non-stop.

Proper care involves deep conditioning; air drying, tying them up, and letting them have a break. This process minimises the wear and tear on the extensions that often comes with permanent extension methods. This is why purchasing clip-in extensions are a good investment.

Yet, it is also essential to remember that they are not the same as your natural hair. The hair that hangs down from a clip-in does not get the same nutrients and natural oils from your body. It’s for this reason that every type of hair extension will eventually have run its course. So let your clip-in hair extensions rest by giving them a break if you want them to last for a long time.

Don’t Let Embarrassment get in the way of your hair health

Some people feel uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassed when it comes to taking out their extensions in front of other people. However, you should not get in the habit of going to sleep with your hair extensions. So remember to take them out at night, your clip-ins, your real hair and of course; your wallet will appreciate the courtesy.