Why You Should Hire a Miami Maritime Lawyer  

CToday, people from different professions have opted to specialize in given areas. A lawyer is not just a lawyer anymore. You need to know exactly what he or she deals with. Some lawyers specialize in family matters, others in litigation while others are maritime lawyers. A Miami maritime lawyer , just like any other maritime attorney, represents seamen who have been injured while on duty. Maritime law governs the operation of vessels when operating in US waters.

The US relies heavily on water transportation when trading. All the boats that are at least 75% owned and run by Americans are governed by maritime law. In some special cases, the laws can be waived. Vessel owners can break the law and so are the passenger, but this only happens on special occasions, or rather during catastrophes such as hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Jones Act
One of the most famous maritime laws is the Jones act, which was passed by the US senate in 1920. The act protects all seamen who incur a loss of wage or normal body function because of an accident that occurred while working. According to the act, any employee who is injured due to the employer’s negligence is entitled to compensation. If your accident was because of the poor state of a vessel, you are also entitled to compensation.

Why Hire a Jones Act lawyer?
When an accident occurs, your employer will most likely try to cover his tracks, especially if the accident was as a result of his/her negligence. He/she will use the insurance agents who, unfortunately, tend to favor your employer’s side to try to silence you. At times, as an employee, you may not be sure if you qualify as a seaman. Jones act takes care of all seamen, a term that stands for technical support in a ship, waiters, chefs or cooks, and even captains.

Hiring a Miami maritime lawyer, if your vessel operates in Miami, will be a smart move. The lawyer will be an asset when an accident occurs. He/she will determine if you qualify as a seaman to be represented under Jones act. You are advised to contact your lawyer as soon as you can after the accident so that facts can be gathered for a fair case. Some courts have defined a seaman as any worker who spends 30% of his working hours on the sea.

Expenses Covered
If your employer is found to be at fault, all your medical bills will be taken care of, transport fee to the hospital and back, lost wages as you recuperate, and any hotel bills that you will incur as you get treatment. The compensation is for all crew members who work on a cruise ship, container ship or even a charter boat.
It is important to note that your injuries as an employee must not come from a tragic accident. Some people get back injuries due to continued poor working conditions, which leads to a complete loss of the normal functioning of your back.