Why The Elliptical Machine Rocks

For cardio lovers, the elliptical machine is a piece of equipment many people have come across many times in the cardio section and may be ignored. What many may not know, the elliptical machine is the perfect alternative for a treadmill and offers even full body benefits. As opposed to other equipment that wears quickly due to too much intensity, a used elliptical machine gives you the same results as a new one, though with an estimated shorter lifespan. To better understand why a used elliptical machine rocks, here are some of the benefits it gives you that you don’t get from other cardio equipment.

Accelerated weight loss
Compared to the treadmill that so many people love, the elliptical machine offers you all rounded impact on your body. Research has it that those who use this equipment experience accelerated fat loss. It’s common for many gym trainers to suggest cross trainers as the primary equipment to burn calories faster in a single workout. The material enhances fat loss by engaging all the large muscles used in movement. Although the trainer results depend on factors like age, gender and fitness levels, the elliptical machine is the most effective tool for weight loss goals.

Protect your joints

Whether young or old, you need to protect your joints from injuries resulting from intense workouts. It’s never too late to start doing cardio. What’s good is the machine is so affordable, and you can get them in stores selling used elliptical machines refurbished and made better. The elliptical machine is an ideal cardio machine as you age since your joints degenerate with time. The difference between the treadmill and an elliptical machine is, on top of getting the same results, it ensures your joints don’t get compromised in the process by reducing the pressure on the main joints through minimizing movements.

Flexible movement variation
One unique benefit of an elliptical machine is it allows you to mimic various movements like running, jogging, climbing stairs, among other movements that you cannot achieve on a treadmill. The equipment also monitors your heart rate and speed to ensure you don’t over exert yourself in case you have a heart or health issue. The best equipment allows you to adjust the intensity and allow you to train at comfortable levels.

Target your whole body  
When it comes to exercises that target the entire body, nothing works better than a cross trainer. The fact that the machine imitates day to day human movements makes it easy to target your whole body since you use all your limbs in one exercise. With the equipment, you give both your legs, arms, torso, back, and arms the same level of engagement since the workout involves lots of pulling and pushing. The elliptical machine is highly adaptable and can get tuned to target specific muscles group more than others. A good example is pedaling forward to target your quads then pedal backward to target your gluteus.

Workout at home  
The cross trainer machine comes in many designs and sizes. You can get one at affordable prices depending on the space size you have. It’s the perfect equipment to use at home. On top of being relatively cheaper, the machine gives you the experience of a full body work out in the comfort of your house.