Why should you opt for Venus Freeze/Venus Legacy Treatment?

Venus Freeze and Venus Legacy are basically the names of a single cosmetic treatment. This treatment makes the skin more tone and burns the fat under the skin. Radio frequency energy is used to burn excessive fat. This, in turn, makes the skin look younger and encourages the production of the collagen protein.

The Process of Venus Freeze/Venus Legacy Treatment

  • This treatment doesn’t need any particular surgery or medication rather it can be performed in any Spa.
  • It hardly takes 15 minutes and 30 minutes for this procedure.
  • A handheld device with pins is being moved over the area where the treatment needs to be done.
  • These pins produce Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PMF) and Radio Frequency (RF) inside dermal tissue which helps to burn the fat.
  • The heat will start increasing, and it can be controlled by the operator.
    • Simultaneously, the skin is also being pulled by the pulsed suction which can be adjusted also.
    • This heat destructs the fat cells which can be eliminated naturally.
    • This is being done repeatedly for the 6 to 8 times depending upon the Patient’s requirement.
  • Skin Tightening refers to the process of making the skin a bit hard with the help of heat.
  • If any mask or mould needs to be put over face in case of facial Venus Freeze, then it is known as Skin Contouring.


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  • Limitation involves the heat limits as there is a limit of heat bearing capacity.
  • Face treatment needs additional agreement from the customers.
  • There is a limitation to the inattentive skin.


As we all know that Venus Legacy Treatment is a time taking process but its result can be seen after a few sessions and complete results will appear after 3-4 months. The skin will become tight along with the production of collagen protein. After the successful treatment, you will feel the new freshness with the young and youthful feel and your skin will become smooth too.

People with loose and careless skin must do this Venus freeze treatment to get a bright and tone skin. A Venus legacy treatment must be done according to any expert’s suggestions.