Why is that essential to hire services of registered VAT agent for VAT accounting & filing in UAE

Not so many people must be aware of the fact that the tax agents also need to register first before they provide their services to the people. there are proper standards that have been designed for the tax agents by FTA authority so that they may know what they need to have in them to become tax agents. find more detail about certified tax agent UAE like Farahat & co.

Registrations are open

The registrations for becoming the VAT agents are open so that they can give technical assistance to the people regarding VAT in UAE. there are so many people who are interested in becoming VAT tax agents. Their basic purpose will be to assist the businesses which are solely based in UAE.

The tax agents are basically assigned with the task of assisting the people. not just that but also, they represent on behalf of their clients so that they can fulfil all the requirements of the tax.

Why is it essential to take the help of VAT agents?

When people take the help of tax agents, they save so much of their time. Businessmen are usually very busy people. they want all their concentration to be on their business and nothing else. That is why people hire the tax agents and get their services to reduce their effort level to a great extent. In this way, the businessmen save their time while carrying out all the obligations on time.

Criteria to be a tax agent:

Here are some of the things that all the tax agents must have. All these attributes will make a person a better tax agent.

Tax agent must be very kind to his clients and should show great behavior without hurting the feelings of anyone in any way

He must not have any criminal record and should be considered as an honest person by the people

Education of tax agents:

Bachelor or Master degree in tax

Education of accounting from an educational institution which is recognized

If someone wants to become a tax agent but has no degree in this particular field, he must submit tax certification from an internationally recognized tax institute.

All the people who want to apply for a tax agent post, they must have an experience of almost three years in the area of tax and accounting.


He must have great communication skills and should be able to speak two basic languages of Dubai which are Arabic and English. Both of these languages will help them in a better communication between the people.

Conditions for becoming a VAT agent

Applying an Application form is very necessary to become a tax agent. The application form must have all the necessary information according to the given instructions. I will almost take 15 days for the FTA authority to take a decision for VAT agent. After the approval of the application, in almost 5 more days, it will get registered (exceptions included).

In 20 days, your application can get rejected as well. so, you better take care of each and everything without ignoring even the minor details.