What to do if you suddenly have a personal injury?

When you or any of your friends get a personal injury, he or she may get confused what to do. Personal injury may happen due to any careless or negligent act performed by any person or entity or organization or government agency. The term personal injury includes an action of any bad faith which may create defamation or breach of the contract creating a loss in his rights or property.

The following steps can help you to guide when you face a personal injury –

Hire a personal injury attorney

First, you should hire a personal injury lawyer for a proper guidance. You will get good guidance if you hire a good Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum, LLP injury lawyer. If you get an experienced person working on your behalf, it will take a lot of stress out of the situation.

The personal injury lawyer will –

  1. Help him or her about the legal proceedings at every step
  2. Shall boost up your psychological confidence to a great extent
  3. Shall help him or her to get compensation from the cause of action
  4. If both the parties fail to reach an amicable trial, they go ahead for a trial in the court. With the help of a court verdict, they ensure that the aggrieved party gets proper compensation and justice.
  5. The Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum, LLPlawyer tries to increase the compensation amount if the personal injury is fatal and makes the person unable to lead any normal, active life. The experienced personal injury lawyers have done this for many years and are an expert in this field.

Understand the claim properly

Your experienced injury lawyer will check your damages and see what and how much you can get according to the law. Your lawyer will also see whether the person or the corporate body or the insurance company is liable to pay you for the damages that have been done.  Once that is clear, it becomes easier for the lawyer to get hold of the right person or the entity as money will get released from that point only.

 Sent a demand letter

After going through your case in detail, once your personal injury lawyer finds that your case is ready for discussion before filing a lawsuit, time is right to despatch a demand letter to the party at-fault or to the concerned insurance company, whoever is liable.

The matter in the letter will include –

  1. Reasons for liability of the defendant
  2. A brief summary of the sustained injuries of the victim
  3. Medical expenses which were incurred in the past and may be needed in the future.
  4. The amount of income which the victim has lost because of the loss of work or any disability.

If the defendant entity or the insurance company refuses to pay or pays an amount which is much lesser than the amount which the victim deserves, then your lawyer may give you with the option of filing a lawsuit against the defendant. If you become disabled to work, the compensation money will help you in many ways in the future.