What To Do After Your Disability Claim Has Been Denied

Your insurance policy is supposed to help you meet the cost of an accident that has caused you injury. It is meant to keep you from financial ruin, and to help you rebuild your life after such an event. If you have been in an accident that has permanently disabled you and your insurance company has refused to pay, you need not resign yourself to this state of affairs. You can fight back. You can get the money you are entitled to by building up a case and filing suit.

When to get a lawyer involved

While many insurance companies are reasonable, transparent, and honest, there are far too many of them that care more about their shareholders than the people they serve. If your claim has been rejected, you should not add even more stress and strain to your life by trying to take on the company alone. You should instead hire a lawyer who specializes in disability claim handling Ontario CA. Doing so is the first step toward justice.

Your lawyer will sit down with and have you recall all that has happened since the accident. It is important to go beyond the dispute you are engaged in with the insurance company. To get a favourable outcome, you will need to develop a story that is compelling and that shows a potential jury—should the case go to trial—that you are an honest, hard-working, and decent person who did everything right and has been let down by people you trusted.

Why you should pursue the case

Your disability has changed your life significantly. The accident was not your fault, nor was the injury that resulted from it. Yet, you are being forced to bear the expense of them. On top of the bills for the treatment you received while in hospital, you may be faced with a large bill for the physical rehabilitation program you had to go through. There is also the financial strain of having to go without wages. Your disability may have caused you to lose your job or to accept a lower-paying position.

Insurance money should have offset some of this. A lawyer will help you get to the bottom of why your claim was rejected, and they will put you in a much better position to receive an adequate settlement.

What your lawyer can do

There are a number of concrete actions your lawyer can take. Before you even file a lawsuit, your lawyer will make contact with the insurance company. It may be the case that the forms you filled out were unclear, and the rejection is based on a misunderstanding on the part of the insurance company. The rejection may also be the result of bureaucratic bungling and incompetence the paperwork for your claim may have been misplaced or incorrectly processed. If these sorts of mistakes are at the root of your rejection, your lawyer will sort them out.

If the insurance company has rejected your claim because of a frivolous or unsound technicality, your lawyer can deal with that as well. They will bring the force of law and analysis to bear on the case and get you a settlement that is commensurate with all that you have suffered.