What is the Need for Independent Medical Examinations by LNCs?

When you actually start dealing with medically related cases, despite it being personal injury, worker’s compensation, medical malpractice, disability, criminal case, custody or divorce case, the medical condition of the claimant would require clarification. It has been deemed as a useful tool available to all parties. It has been for this purpose; independent medical examinations have been deemed imperative.

Since IME or independent medical examination could make or mar the case, it would become imperative that impartial physicians, who have never been involved in the case of the claimant or clients should be engaged. It would be pertinent to mention here that most physicians might become bias towards the side paying their bill. Consequently, it may be in your best interest to send someone with your client to be his or her attorney.

Need for IME

Several reasons have been associated why IME would be required. The most common reason would be acquiring a second opinion. You may require a physician for evaluating the appropriateness of care given in the beginning, verify the cause of injury, forecasting and recommending future treatment. The IMEs have been ordered by the insurance company provided the treatment plan has been deemed vague, does not meet the needs of the client or has been absent. In both personal injury and work related cases, the IMEs would be used for assessing the cause, evaluate disability of the client, evaluate the pre-existing condition, estimate duration of work or determining the degree of impairment.

They would also be used for evaluating the ability of the client for performing ordinary activities, evaluating their mental and physical abilities, identifying the limits, recommend modifications and identifying adaptive skills to their overall work environment. IMEs might be requested by the client, when they feel they have not received adequate care from their existing physician or from the insurance company.