What are the reasons for conducting CBC blood-test?

CBC blood test plays a great role in detecting different kinds of critical health-conditions especially cancer infection and anemia. Decrease or increase of blood-cell counts can be accurately known from the reports of this test.

If you have any blood-related disorders then they can be easily detected with the test. If you are in need of accurate reports then immunotherapy also needs to be added.

Primary goals of CBC-test:

  • Overall health can be easily evaluated with CBC-test. Many health problems can be properly screened with the test. The reports will show a complete baseline health-view.
  • Unexplained signs especially bleeding, bruising, swelling, redness, fever, tiredness and weakness can be now easily explained by doctors with the concerned test.
  • Your health-condition can be monitored by doctors on a continuous basis by means of this test. The reports will decide that whether prescribed treatments and medicines are working well or not.
  • There are certain conditions that affect the count of blood-cells directly or indirectly and they can be diagnosed by the test. Sometimes, this examination is included as an integral part of ESR blood test.

How the test is conducted?

  • Preparatory stage: In this stage, you have to take preparation for the test. You have to strictly follow the guidelines instructed by your doctor. Short-sleeved shirts need to be worn for rolling-up sleeves easily. There is no as such restriction for drinking or eating before having the test done. You just have to remain empty-stomach just for few hours before the examination. The doctor should take necessary preparation for collecting blood-sample in a proper way. If other tests are added with this clinical-examination then the samples need to be collected separately.
  • During the examination: Only a certified and experienced lab-technician can conduct the procedure safely and efficiently. He will seek for your veins from where the blood can be extracted. The chosen position at your elbow needs to be wiped with antiseptic before needle insertion and a rubber-band needs to be tied around upper-arm for making the vein swelled properly. After this the needle should be properly inserted within swollen vein for taking out the blood. The blood should be collected in a vial. After this the band can be removed and the injected are should be covered with a bandage immediately. The sample needs to be labeled properly so that lab-reports can be easily prepared.

You can receive the test-reports either on the same day evening or on the next morning. If you are experiencing any sign of discomfort then you have to report to the doctor immediately. If you think that the exact disease can be detected by means of this test then you are wrong as the reports only reveal the blood-cells count.

Your doctor might ask you to go through few more vital tests on the basis of this count so that the disease can be exactly detected without any confusion.Abnormal-levels of blood-cells within reports are quite dangerous and thus you will be in need of immediate treatment. Sometimes, a second CBC-test needs to be conducted on the basis of the disease detection.

Doctors should always remain highly careful especially while applying this method over infants. Only sterilized needles need to be used for collecting blood-samples. Light-headedness or faint-like situation can be faced after this examination but there is nothing to worry as the side-effects are not at all harmful.