Want the best prepaid plan? You have 4 options

Airtel offers 4 easy recharge options and the best in prepaid plans across all service providers today. Read on to know why you can stop scouting for the best plan now.

Using the phone to get information, pay bills, stay in touch with friends, or indeed, do everything you need to do, has become the norm in today’s life. Mobile phone technology has progressed by leaps and bounds, and the best phone plans and packs are available for affordable rates. Leading providers like Airtel are providing the best in terms of price, reach and network quality, apart from other benefits.

There is very little difference today between prepaid and postpaid plans, especially when you buy them from a leading provider like Airtel. If you are looking for a good prepaid plan, you will make a beeline for a plan that has easy recharge options, and an affordable pack price. But you must also look at other benefits like the amount of data that you get with the pack and the Internet speed, among others. There is no point taking a prepaid plan that does not offer a sufficient amount of data – you will be left recharging the pack if data runs out often! Also, you must be able to surf comfortably without having to wait for video buffering, or your chats to get through the moment you hit ‘Send’, the pictures to load with text, etc.

We suggest going with Airtel prepaid. Read on to know why.

Airtel’s 4 best easy recharge options

Not only does Airtel have the best bouquet of prepaid plans across all mobile service providers at the moment, it also has the best in terms of easy recharge options. If you are looking for the perfect prepaid recharge, then you have four options with Airtel prepaid.

  • Airtel offers the right mix of affordability and functionality in its recharge packs.
  • You get high pack validity at a reasonable price and high amounts of daily data.
  • Airtel’s four easy recharge options are packs for: Rs 199 (pack validity: 28 days), Rs 399 (70 days), Rs 448 (82 days) and Rs 509 (90 days).
  • Apart from the low price and the high pack validity, you get unlimited calling (STD, local and incoming and outgoing roaming), 1.4 GB data per day and 100 free SMSs daily. That’s a reallyflexible pack in terms of data consumption and price – you can surf endlessly and never run out of data.
  • Watching movies, chatting with friends, browsing your social media feeds, and using your phone for all your needs becomes a breeze with easy recharge from Airtel. You can do the online recharge quickly, and browse as much as you like. No more thinking about how much data you are consuming and the pack running out in no time!
  • You also get Airtel’s superfast speeds and always-on connectivity. Wherever you go, you are always within range due to Airtel’s humongous network coverage all over the country.