Types of Pallet Trucks

Firstly, a pallet truck is a device used to move/lift heavy materials. Pallet trucks originated in the times of the industrial revolution, allowing people to handle heavy goods more safely. The pallet trucks we see today were made in 1920 and they swiftly gained popularity in factories. Pallet trucks are incredibly versatile and are available in various different styles, there is a suitable pallet truck for pretty much every type of business requirement. Familiarising yourself with the distinctive types of pallet trucks on offer will enable you to ensure your business has the style which most closely and effectively meets its needs.

It is important that when using pallet trucks that you use use them with health and safety in mind. There are case studies online for using manual pallet trucks. It is also important to pay attention to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

Which pallet truck is best for you?

  1. Stackers – make moving, lifting, loading and unloading even quicker. They are a step up from traditional pallet trucks and they are a money-saving alternative to forklifts and are also smaller and lighter. You can get manual and semi-electric stackers.
  2. Moving skates – Helps thousands of kilos move accurately and safely. The wheels have an anti-friction material meaning the weight of the load being moved will not result in the floor being scratched or damaged with marks. The heavier the load, the more wheels needed. You can usually choose from between two to eight wheels on your moving skates. Carrying up to twelve tonnes.
  3. Table trucks – Reduce strain and fatigue for the user. They have a foot-pump to elevate the platform and they have a break to stop it from moving when loading and unloading. There is a lowering valve to ensure lowering is precise. Table trucks can be purchased in manual or electric forms.
  4. Sack trucks – Widely used by courier companies. Sack trucks with pneumatic wheels are best suited for use on rough and uneven surfaces. Solid wheel sack trucks are more suitable for smooth terrains, they are extremely long lasting and durable.