Things To Remember When Planning A Breakfast Meeting Or Event

If you are planning a breakfast meeting or event, you should know that there are many differences that you have to consider when comparing your experiences to a dinner event. The preparation will be different especially for the meals. Most northern VA caterers will have a completely overhauled menu for breakfast events.

Another thing that you have to remember for breakfast meetings is that most people probably have not eaten yet. If you can get away with an extended waiting time for dinner meetings, you might get some disgruntled guests if you make them sit with an empty stomach for an extended period.

Enticing guests with a breakfast event

If you have guests that may be busy during the weekdays, they most likely already have plans for their weekends as well. That’s why a breakfast event on a Saturday morning is one of the most common breakfast meetings. During the morning, your guests will be more productive because they’re probably used to working during the daylight.

The smell of coffee and pastries during the morning is incredibly delightful especially if all you’ve had was water. Most people have a set menu for their own breakfast at home and you will be able to use that to your advantage.

Coffee is essential for breakfast meetings

For a lot of people, they will need their coffee to jumpstart their productivity. If you can provide the coffee, then they’ll be more present in mind during the meeting that you’re hosting. You should have a coffee station so your guests can get their fix just as the event starts.

A good way to impress guests is by having an expanded selection of coffee for your event. You can talk to your northern VA caterers about adding both hot and iced coffee. Serving up latte, mocha, and having more choices will also get your guests to start thinking early.

Lead the way with presentations before letting guests network

When hosting your breakfast meeting, you have to make sure that the presenters go first. This way, there’s an ice breaker before people start communicating with each other. It’s not uncommon for someone to not be in the mood to speak if it’s too early in the morning so give them the opportunity to be listeners first.

When you do let your guests network, provide them with food and drinks that can occupy one hand to avoid making approaches awkward. Just like dinner events, having food or drink in your hand somehow gives you that boost in confidence.

Preventing food coma by engaging guests

Because you just filled empty stomachs, you should make sure that you avoid letting your guests go into a food coma. Ask your northern VA caterers if they know any engaging activities that can help wake up the guests both physically and mentally.

Make sure that you don’t overdo it though or you run the risk of tiring out your guests before the event even gets to conclude.

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