Things To Do In Rome For Free

Travelling is the love of a number of individuals and Rome is one such place which is visited by a number of individuals every year. But, travelling comes with a price which is a bit hefty when you talk about Rome. In order to keep the trip under budget a lot of people try to visit places that are free of cost. If you too are one of those who wish to keep your trip to Rome under a particular budget then read through the following sections of the blog.

Free things to Do In Rome

Here is the list of all the things that you enjoy in Rome and that too for free.

Borghese Gardens – Parks in Rome are absolutely enchanting and this one especially is one of the most worthwhile gardens of Rome. It is located behind the grand Borghese Villa and is free for the public. It is known for the picnic spots, biking, cycling and the beautiful greenery.

Trevi Fountain – Fountains are the beauties of this city and this one fountain is the most famous one in the city. It is known to have the powers of granting wishes and people use it for the similar purpose.

Pantheon – This one is probably one of the most renowned places of the entire Rome. Being the most renowned building of the city, it is free to be visited and this is the reason why people gather in large numbers at the Pantheon.

Gianico Hill – This is a sure hidden gem of Rome where not much of the people visit. This place offers some of the best views of the city from the top. This place is as surreal as it can get and possesses a fountain which is located at the top of the hill.

Capitoline Hill – This one is yet another hidden gem and is also a hill range. Although, unlike Gianico hill, this hill isn’t natural, it instead was designed by Michelangelo. It gives a very scenic view of the  Roman forum which is yet another famous location of this city.

Piazza Navona – The piazzas of Rome are well maintained and attract a very large number of visitors every year. This place is originally constructed for the roman circus but is now converted into a piazza. This place harbours a beautiful fountain in the center and a number of live performances on the streets.

Spanish Steps – These steps were under reconstruction from a long time and have been re-opened recently. Although, these spanish steps are generally steps but impart a beautiful gleam. It is a good place to sit and hang while travelling from one place to other place in Rome. There are many other aspects that make these steps stand apart from all others.

These are the few places where you can go and enjoy that too free of cost. You can book Rome airport transfers that can help you to travel from one place to another without much hassle and that too with complete luxury.