Things to Consider when Furnishing Mortgage Loan Application

You would need only a few documents to get loan file through underwriting. Most of the information would be gathered online or over the phone. It would be pertinent to mention here that most of the information would be stated on documents provided by you. It would be inclusive of address of the employer that could be found on a pay stub.

While the list would be long, it would take more effort to bring them together. Find below the lists to help you keep track. The Sun West Mortgage loan officer would also be indicating the items that would not be required and help you prioritize specific items to be sent initially.

  • Employment

You would be required to provide name of current employer, address and phone number, your position in the company and length of time served in the company. It would also be inclusive of salary information inclusive of commissions, bonuses and overtime.

  • Income

Information on your income would be inclusive of two years of W-2s, pensions and social security, alimony, child support and public assistance. In case, you were self-employed, you would be required to information on profit and loss in income as well.

  • Assets

Your assets information would be inclusive of bank accounts information such as brokerage, savings and checking accounts information, investments made such as retirement, bonds and stocks accounts, gifted funds from relatives and proceeds from sale of present home. You would be required to provide real property information.

  • Debts

Information on debts would be inclusive of current mortgage, liens, alimony, child support, car loans, credit cards and real property.

When you provide such information, the Sun West Mortgage Company would offer you with different types of mortgages such as fixed or adjustable, conventional, forward or reverse, jumbo and government insured.