The Key To A Sustainable Marriage

Right off the bat, the key to a sustainable marriage is constant communication. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Just talk to one another about everything under the sun and everything will be alright. Oh, and of course talk every single issue out.

It does sound simple enough but the truth is that couples come to a point where they would instead keep their gripes instead of airing it out. This is a dangerous habit to make as it creates a ticking time bomb that will predicate a larger argument down the line. One just might be the actual reason why both parties will sign a divorce paper without batting an eye.

Before anything this dreadful happens, it’s definitely a good idea to get help from a reliable counsellor Bella Vista like Colleen Hurll. When? Where fights get more frequent and most of those fights end up unresolved. They’re only shelved for another day, to be used alongside another squabble about an entirely different concern. Yes, couple squabbles can be petty.

Taking Too Much Responsibility

When married life starts becoming too burdensome and responsibilities start flooding in, some couples will voluntarily – and happily – start claiming some responsibilities that could be easily shared by their partner. This starts off as a selfless gesture that will probably end up in bottled up loathing.

You see, as time goes by, the person who actively chose to take it off the hands of their partner will start to feel that their partner is too lazy to take it back. Well, to some degree, they may have a point. The fault here is that nobody talked about it.

Talk it out.


Not Talking About It

Another huge obstacle that stops couples from discussing problems – problems that one perceives yet the other partner do not – is that they’re afraid of offending their partner. This is understandable. But it is, nonetheless, an obstacle.

If a person is mature enough, there’s no room to get offended by criticisms. Especially if the criticism is being deliver on a positive way. This is going to be difficult if a person isn’t open to criticism at all. Regardless of the manner of delivery and intention, this is where marriage counsellors come in.

Leaving to kids squabble is never going to get anything done. Have someone intervene and both parties will start wooing the third person to take their side. Of course, marriage counsellors will not take sides. It’s their job, instead, to turn those two kids into adults who can discuss who gets to play with the back of building blocks. Or heck, share the toy if they fancy.

Acknowledging The Importance of Intervention

Unfortunately, acknowledging the need for intervention is almost just as big of an obstacle as always opening up concerns with a partner. Mainly because some people think that it’s a herald of their marriage’s doom. Or because it’s scary to acknowledge that there is, in fact, a problem with their relationship.

Fortunately, some of the best relationship counselling Bella Vista like Colleen Hurll are easy to approach for a consultation. Counselling services that have been around for quite some time are usually easier to trust on the fly.

Marriage counselling is for the better.


In addition, going to a marriage counsellor doesn’t have to be a couple thing – at least not initially. The partner who is more open to the intervention of a marriage counsellor should just go ahead and ask the counsellor about the right strategies on how to get their partners on board.