Samsung Galaxy S9 to have a bigger capacity battery

Samsung Galaxy smartphone and Apple iPhone are always complained about the battery life, and with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9, this era will be broken, as S9 will have the biggest battery.

S8 has 3,000mAh battery; you will not notice or feel a wow when having the phone. Maybe because if you’ve experienced an iPhone 7, that allows not charging the phone all day, but because these Samsung phones have always boasted of much autonomy, I sincerely expected more. And, it might be possible with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9, as we will get a bigger battery capacity.

For S8, the battery life is decent and it depends a lot on how to use the phone if I use little, that is, I just answer WhatsApp messages, read the content of social networks like Instagram or Facebook, share a photo or just reply and write some email will have some battery at the end of the day. However, as we use other applications, for example, radio during lunch, spottily during work hours, or perhaps some game while we wait for a meeting, it will be difficult for the battery to arrive at the end of the day comfortably. In my case, I had to connect it at dinnertime to the charger. The last days of use I used a simple power bank to recharge the battery at half a day to get to the end of the day with a battery over 20%. So, clearly if there’s a more work from Samsung in the Galaxy S9, the life will be extended.

For S8, some days I used the phone more demandingly, recording many videos at 4K, taking pictures, uploading them to the Samsung server … using the mail intensely … and no doubt, at six in the afternoon the Samsung S8 has said enough. I think that this autonomy is greatly affected by the Android system and the way it has to manage the apps in the background. If we are obedient and we ignore the constant suggestions of the system and we pause the applications manually if we are going to get a good autonomy. But in my experience I think the battery is a weak point for a phone valued at more than 800 €. And, in this price range all other high-end smartphone also suck in battery life, and the only magical thing expected from the Samsung Galaxy S9 is of course more battery life.

As we already had in previous models of Galaxy the S8 is water resistant, in particular allows to be submerged 1.5 meters for a maximum of 30 minutes. This will cause that if we fall to a swimming pool or we drop a good amount of rainwater to the smartphone will not happen to him absolutely anything. If I have noticed that the camera malfunctions when it receives water, it costs a lot the lens to get a sharp and fast approach, a very minor problem sincerely since in a rare occasion it will rain raining to take photos or videos with a phone. And, yes, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be the waterproof as of Galaxy S8.