Restaurants For Halal Food In Medan Indonesia

Many local halal foods in Medan Indonesia will make your travel in Medan become worth wile. Medan is the right destination for those of you who want to enjoy the beautiful panorama, thick local culture, and delicious culinary. When you come to Medan, there are many tourist points that you can choose by providing a beautiful panorama for a vacation. If you specifically want to take a cultural tour, some areas in Medan can also give you an interesting experience with a culture that is still upheld. For those of you who want to enjoy a sensational culinary journey, Medan is also the right destination. Here there are many delicious local cuisines to complement your culinary journey.

There are many delicious local halal food in Medan Indonesia restaurants can give you the best experience in you culinary tour in Medan. When talking about culinary problems, Medan has many dishes for you to taste. Here, there are many dishes with a distinctive taste and style of Medan. The people of Medan have their own characteristics in cooking. In Medan, many dishes with local special seasoning will be tasted. Because of this local special seasoning that makes local cuisine in Medan to be interesting and unique to try. For those of you who travel to Medan, may have heard a lot about local cuisine in Medan. For those of you who want to try the taste of Medan culinary, some of the following restaurants will be the right destination to choose from.

  1. M. Sinar Pagi

R.M. Sinar Pagi is a famous restaurant in Medan where become many tourist destinations for culinary tour. R.M Sinar Pagi is very famous for its local cuisine, Soto Medan. But beside Soto Medan, R.M. Sinar Pagi also serve much other cuisine for guests. Not only local cuisine of Medan, R.M Sinar Pagi also provide typical Chinese cuisine which also delicious to taste.

  1. Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok

Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok, as the name suggest, was a restaurant which famous for it’s noodles cuisine. In this restaurant, you can taste many different noodles cuisine, whether it was local noodles cuisine or Chinese noodles cuisine. The most famous local noodle cuisine in this restaurant is Mie Aceh Medan and Mie Gomak.

  1. Mie Zhou

For this restaurant, Mie Zhou is typical Chinese noodles cuisine restaurants in Medan. This restaurant offers many Chinese noodles cuisine to be tasted. In this restaurant, you will not only can taste many different Chinese noodles cuisine, but also enjoy unique atmosphere when you enjoying the delicious dish served.

  1. Taipan Restaurant

Taipan Restaurant is famous not only because the dish served here taste delicious, but also because the environment and the atmosphere in the restaurant can make the guests enjoy the moment. Taipan Restaurant was very suitable for those of you who came with family. The impression this restaurant gives to us is luxury, high class, elegant, and delicious.

That’s halal food in Medan Indonesia resort you can choose to visit when you want to taste variety of local cuisine in Medan. Basically, in Medan there is many local cuisine as well as restaurants that you can visit for your travel. If you want to enjoy more in your travel to Medan, be sure to try the cuisine of Medan people in the local cuisine you meet.