Reasons Why Your Cat Lose Weight [What You Can Do]

Weight loss is a common symptom of the upcoming health hazard among cats and dogs. A responsible pet-owner is always concern about their pet’s health and comfort. It is necessary to take proper care of your pet because it totally depends on you. Your pet is not able to express what they feel by close monitoring you can easily consider their feelings.

Your pet’s protection is your responsibility and diagnosed it at the right time for instant recovery. Revolution for Cats is an FDA approved medication that prevents your cat from several parasitic diseases like heartworm. There are a lot of reasons for instant weight loss among cats and you should know them. Here, in this article, we discuss the common cause of instant weight loss among cats.

1)    Organ Failure: This may be the reason for your lean and thin cat. There are several viral and parasitic diseases that directly impacts on the internal organs of your cat. Heartworms, fleas, roundworms, kidney disease, old age may fail your cat’s organ.

Your vet can easily diagnose these diseases with the help of blood and urine test. Heartgard is proved to be an effective medication for such diseases.

2)    Diabetes: This is a common disease among humans and animals but both require different medication for its treatment. If your pet is suffered from diabetes it starts losing its weight because the cat’s body either does not produce insulin or reduced its ability of urine production.

You can detect diabetes in your cat by the smell of urine, sluggishness, infection in urinary organs, excessive thrust and urination. You can keep your cat healthy by diagnosing its diabetes as soon as possible.

3)    Stress and Anxiety: Stress will not only affect your pet’s body but also its mind. Your pet may stop eating food and instantly losing its weight due to anxiety. There may be a lot of reasons for its stress such as unhygienic food environment, excessive noise etc. You can easily alleviate their stress by knowing the reason behind it. Give them an enjoyable and hygienic environment that can give relief to their mind as well as body.

4)    Cancer: Nowadays, this is the common reason for weight loss among cats. There are not much warning symptoms of cancer but you can make assumptions if your cat is losing appetite, become lethargic and hiding. So, keenly watch the activities of it and protect them from such hazardous diseases.

5)    Toothache: Your cat can stop eating due to aching in teeth and lost its weight. You can know its toothache as it starts pawing at the mouth. With the help of the vet extract the affected teeth and your cat gets relief from chronic pain.

Bottom line: By reading the above content thoroughly, you can easily recognize the cause of instant weight loss of your cat. So, be alert and protect your cat from the upcoming hazard. Take the vet’s prescription if required and also check their health progress.