Reasons Why People Prefer to Eat Out

Let’s face it; more Canadians are foregoing home cooked food for quicker ready-to-eat meals or eating out at a restaurant today than ever before.  According to a recent survey by the Dalhousie University, approximately 42 percent of Canadians either dine out at a restaurant twice or thrice per week or prefer to buy ready-to-eat meals. Therefore, the big question remains; “why do most people prefer eating out?”

While nutritionists argue that most people opt to eat out to escape the burden of cooking and cleaning up, there is more to it.  For instance, going out for a sumptuous meal in a bring your own wine restaurant is always a major highlight. It lets you relax from the stress of the long day and enjoy delicious food and wine in the amazing company of your best friends.  Here are some of the top reasons why most people prefer to eat out.


If you prepare a meal at home, you have to cook, eat, clear up the table, and wash the dishes thereafter. However, convenience means that you remove all the other actions and only remain with one action; eat. Although dining out might cost a little more, but it saves you a lot of energy and time. You simply order, eat, and walk away.

Restaurants Make Good Offers

This might be surprising, but it is among the top reasons why some people prefer to dine out, especially on weekends. Most restaurants with a good marketing strategy usually offer weekly discounts on specific types of meals to attract more customers. This marketing strategy pushes more people to eat at such restaurants instead of their homes.  For example, a bring your own wine restaurant will allow you to walk in with your bottle of wine to pair with your meal which is even much more cost-effective.

For Families, Eating Out Creates a Distraction-Free Family Time

While at home, everyone will be on a different schedule which becomes tough to carve out undistracted time together at home. Sometimes, even the dinner time is shortened to allow people more time to complete other tasks. But dining out as a family once in a while can slow things down and offer you enough time to bond and socialize as a family. It may also be a big advantage to kids with attention issues since there aren’t distractions such as pets, television, or phones.

Great Food

A good restaurant will always pride itself on the quality of the food that it serves to its customers. Its chefs will have spent days, weeks, months, or even years working on the recipes to ensure that they reach and even exceed the expected standards that their clients expect. Eating out at a restaurant doesn’t only offer a chance to try out something new; it also means that you get to enjoy great food prepared by professionals who know what they are doing.

Offers You a Great Moment to be with Other People

Ask any person who is staying alone, and they will tell you how it isn’t easy to be alone. In fact, the loneliest moment when you are living solo comes when you are having a meal. However, it is quite easy to find companions in a restaurant. Just sitting at the table and being part of the other diners will resolve the issue of being alone. Being a regular visitor to a particular restaurant will offer you a sense of belongingness. With time, you can establish a friendship with the restaurant’s staff members and other regular clients.