Quitoplan is a natural food supplement that absorbs and eliminates the fat ingested.

Quitoplan is a supplement that helps weight reduction with a unique formula and is approved by Anvisa, which certifies its use. Its formula works with shells of deepwater crustaceans along with fibers present in native American plants.

It is a 100% natural supplement that on body contact absorbs and encapsulates the excess fat ingested. So it is eliminated naturally through the feces, without staying in your body, making it possible to lose weight more easily. QuitoPlan has no contraindications or side effects.

He is appointed by area experts, doctors and nutritionists in 44 countries, due to its unique formula. QuitoPlan is made from bark of crustaceans that inhabit the depths of ocean and plant fibers native to America. Together they turn into a gel that does not let the fat consumed be absorbed by the body. What is also great for cholesterol reduction.Your benefits are:

Absorbs and eliminates fat: already in the stomach it begins to absorb part of the fat ingested;

Accelerates the metabolism;

Controls appetite;

Regulates the intestine.