Qualities of a Good Dog Day Care

Lately you have been feeling that your dog spends too much time alone while you are away at work. While she may get an hour or two with the dog sitter every day, 8 or 10 hours is a lot for a dog to be by herself especially if she is the social kind. You may want to consider finding a good dog day care in your neighborhood. For many pet owners, however, the question is what dog day care to choose – there are many of them and since you want your dog to get the best you want to be equipped with the right information as you make your choice. Here is what you should be looking for:

  • Safety

The most important thing in any dog day care should be the safety of the animals within it. You should check whether the facility you have in mind has high enough fences to keep pets in and whether there is enough shade for dogs on hot days. The play and rest areas should not have any sharp objects that can cause injuries.

  • Cleanliness

You don’t want your pet to come away from dog day care with an illness so you should check to make sure that the facility that you choose for your dog is properly sanitized at all times. Don’t just take the manager’s word for it – schedule a tour so that you can see for yourself how the place is run. You should look for feces and dog urine, bad smells, dirty eating and drinking bowls and anything else that looks unsanitary.

  • Dog separation

Different dogs have different temperaments and you may find that they don’t play or rest well together. A small dog may end up intimidating and irritating larger dogs because of continuous squealing and yapping. Big dogs can sometimes attack smaller dogs – it is a predatory instinct. You should make sure that you choose a dog day care facility that has different sections for different dogs.  

  • Look at the application form and screening process

The best dog day care facilities have a thorough screening process to ensure that they know what kind of dogs they are taking in. The details they ask for in their application form can tell you how thorough they are. You need to be honest when you answer the questions – you are making sure that your dog is in a safe environment. If your dog is aggressive you should state it in the form so that the facility can come up with proper strategy to handle her. Likewise if she is sensitive you should state it on the form so that she can get all the attention that she needs. If your dog has health problems it is very important that you let the facility know – they will know to keep her away from other dogs and also get a vet to look at her if necessary.

  • Look for a facility that takes boarders

Once in a while you will need to leave home for a few days and when that happens you want to leave your dog in an environment with which they are already familiar. It helps if your dog day care center also has a boarding facility – your pet will not have to endure the stress of adjusting to a new place.  

  • Lastly, meet the staff

You need to know who will be interacting with your pet on a continuing basis. While they may claim to love animals you may have reservations after you meet them. Always listen to your gut feeling – if you aren’t sure that a caretaker is good for your dog you should find a different dog care center.