Pregnancy and the mosquito menace: What you can do

You must be careful about the home care and pest control products you use when you are pregnant. But dealing with mosquitoes is not such a tough task when you have a safe mosquito repellent at hand.

Mosquitoes are a menace at the best of times, but they assume even more sinister proportions when you are pregnant. You would ordinarily light neem incense sticks, slather on mosquito repellent skin cream and take many other measures against mosquitoes. But when you are pregnant, you may inhale vapours or smoke that cause distress to you and your unborn child. Certain chemicals can cause brain and heart disorders in the foetus, and you may not realise the same till the time your baby is born.

The point is, you have to deal with mosquitoes sensibly and in a way that does not cause you and your baby any harm. Don’t use any apparently safe mosquito repellent during pregnancy unless you ask your doctor about it first. It is a good idea to examine the products’ ingredients and to check if any of them are likely to trigger or cause allergies.

Your pregnancy mosquito-repellent checklist:

  • Make sure the air inside your house is crisp and dry. You could switch on the air conditioner or get a dehumidifier. Mosquitoes are repelled by dry air. But do ensure that the air does not become so dry that it causes respiratory trouble to you.
  • Make sure that you ask your doctor about the right mosquito repellent measures to use during this delicate time in your life. If the products you use cause distress to you, they can also harm your baby. Be doubly sure about products that you might end up inhaling or touching.
  • There are several mosquito killer sprays in the market, like the Mortein spray. Mortein is a proven leader in mosquito control for years. Most doctors recommend it as a safe mosquito repellent during pregnancy – it does the job without harming humans or pets. However, if you fear inhaling the spray, you should leave the room where it is being used.
  • Though the Mortein spray is a safe mosquito repellent during your pregnancy, it might cause some problems if are sensitive to perfumes and other scents during this time. It is sprayed inside a closed room to kill mosquitoes in the area. After a few minutes, you can ask a family member to open the doors and windows so that the smell of the spray will not bother you too much.
  • Another safe mosquito repellent during pregnancy is the Mortein electric plug-in vaporiser. It exudes a mild vapour that is safe to inhale. It is also safe to use in infants’ rooms. However, you can take your doctor’s go-ahead before using it.