Places To Hang Out In Hanoi After It Gets Dark

Hanoi has made a reputation in the world amongst all the foodies for the delicious cuisines available in the place. In recent years, there has been a tremendous transformation in this city. The city is ever active with the hustle starting at early in the morning and lasting throughout the night.

There are many places in the city to hand out after dark. You can take a Hanoi food tour to experience the delicious cuisines in the area. Here are certain places which you may visit at night and have the fun of being at the capital of Vietnam.

Street food

There are many places in Hanoi which are open all night to satisfy your hunger at midnight. The street food is famous for the delicious cuisines which provide you with the taste of entire world in just a single place. The city is calm at night and you can have the best meal of the day in the peaceful atmosphere.

A show

There are many theatres in the city and you can get into any of them and enjoy a late-night show. There are numerous genres available in the area and you can choose the one that you prefer. You can learn about the history of the city, a romantic tale or an adventurous story.

Dance till morning

You can also enjoy the cutting-edge music in the area and dance throughout the night. There are many clubs and discos where you can dance your heart out and enjoy the electronic music all night.

Taste the local beer

There are also many beer bars and you can enjoy the local taste of the people. The beer is cheap and of very good quality. You can get some cheap eats and catch the cold beer to have the fun at night.


Hanoi is a great place to have fun after it gets dark. If you are a night person, there can’t be any other place better than this one.