Periodic Table for Direct Mail Marketing: Reviewing 8 Groups and 67 Elements

While digital marketing seems to be the ‘thing’ now, experts believe that direct mail marketing will remain a preferred choice of brands. Recently, Washington Direct Mail services came up with an interesting post, where they discussed 67 elements that actually should be considered for effective use of direct mail. There are eight groups in the table, and here’s an overview of each.

Mailing House Elements

Eventually, the success of direct mail marketing depends on the agency working on the project. Besides obvious experience and expertise, the company must be compliant to GDPR regulation and must be ISO compliant. Countrywide outreach, campaign management, cost handling and industry membership are other aspects to consider.

Data Elements

From aspects like data deduplication, customer profiling, to prospect matching, and name appending, data elements eventually decide many aspects of a direct mail campaign, and this group focuses on these points.

Print Elements

Selecting between printing technologies like litho printing and programmatic printing to deciding ways of tailoring messages and reducing costs, print aspects rule direct mail promotions in many ways. This group considers elements related to printing.

Creative Decisions and Ideas Elements

Creativity is one aspect agencies need to focus on, and in this segment, the entire list of available options has been considered. Think of personalized letters, one-piece mailers, coupons, shaped mailers, or peelable notes, print layouts, automated enclosing, QR codes and more. This is easily the most important group of all.

Cost Elements

These are elements that influence the cost, some being like weight, volume, shape, bleeds and printing techniques. It allows brands to understand how to keep the costs in check.

Promotional Elements

Using promotional products is not a new thing, and this aspect considers the elements that make for a great choice, such as product measurements, size, steps in assembly and more.

Measurement Elements

There are many elements included in this group, such as weight checking, mail matching, response handling, and integration of digital means.

Rare Elements

Finally, we have rare elements, which refer to things that are unique and can add value to a campaign. Some of the mentioned ones include pop-up mailers, peel off stickers, scratch cards, scented cards and special colors.

When it comes to finding an agency for direct mail marketing, you need a company that can focus on all these groups and relevant 67 elements. Make sure that you have a concrete plan in place.