Mobile recharge online – fast and instant

Recharging your prepaid mobile connection by physically visiting a retailer shop around the corner still happens. Of course, the physical process has become much faster these days – retailers don’t generally keep you waiting and expedite the process fast. But the speed of the mobile recharge done physically cannot be compared with that of online recharge because in the latter case, it happens at a lightning speed – something that can never be achieved at a physical recharge store. Many of us remember and cringe at the thought of how it used to happen a decade back. The entire process of mobile recharge back then used to be such a big deal – first taking out time from your busy schedule to visit the operator’s customer care centre or to go the local neighbourhood shop for recharge; wait patiently in the crowded room for your turn; listen to the person hastily briefing you on the recharge plans available; paying in cash or cheque and finally moving out with the satisfactory glee that the job is done for now!

Today, one can carry out a mobile recharge from anywhere in the world – be it your home, office, a busy public place, in transit, on the train, in the bus or the car, from a mountain top, remote rural areas – virtually anywhere. No need to make time for getting the recharge done. Do it anytime that is convenient for you! Use the mobile website of the operator or a reseller from your smart phone, computer or laptop. Or download the App of the operator (if there is one) or a reseller like Paytm App, MobiKwik App or PhonePe App on your handset. No more waiting for turns or in other words wasting time – just open the site or the App whenever you need to top-up your number or any other number and get it done. No more striving hard to understand what the man at the counter is saying about various recharge plans – just browse and read through different available options on your handset at ease, in no haste and choose the one that suits best with your requirement. Get to the payment screen – choose your preferred mode of payment, submit details as asked for, wait for an acknowledgement of payment received and a confirmation message on your registered number confirming the mobile recharge. As simple as that!

It is important to mention here that though the process is entirely technically driven, it doesn’t require the user to be very tech-savvy. Just knowing the basics of how to use a smart phone, Apps, websites, connect to internet and how to enter relevant details is enough to get you started. A user-friendly process, even children, the less educated, people from lower economic background and the really old people can also understand and carry out the process – at slower pace initially and over a period of time get the recharge done like a professional. Fast, instant, dot on the spot and quick – hope that day is not far when most things in our lives happen with such speed and swiftness!