Methods of Teeth Whitening

The process of tooth whitening or “bleaching” involves lightening and removing stains from one’s teeth. Such a process effectively bleaches the dentin and enamel, the tooth’s principal mass, and brightens the teeth that suffer from discoloration.

There are a wide variety of teeth whitening methods available on the market. Some teeth whitening methods are over the counter. Others include the use of lasers or are at home products dispensed by dentists. Then there are in office teeth whitening methods, as well as the Loaded Tray Teeth Whitening method. It has been recommended by dentists to utilize a peroxide chemical when bleaching the teeth; this is apparently the most promising method to use.

Then there are a number of over the counter topical tooth whitening products. This is perhaps the simplest way to whiten one’s smile. They may include strips, gels, toothpastes, or peroxide bandages that are applied directly to the teeth. All of these over the counter products can be quite effective.

Utilizing the Loaded Tray method of Teeth Whitening, dentists load the bleaching gel known as Carbamide Peroxide in to ready-made or custom made trays and then fix it to the person’s gums. The chemical mixes with saliva and then releases hydrogen peroxide. After a period of two or three weeks of wearing the try, a significant degree of whitening takes place.

Carbamide Peroxide is utilized in the Laser Teeth Whitening Method. This is a bleaching agent that is applied to the person’s teeth along with a laser. It is said to quickly activate the reaction between the peroxide and the person’s teeth. This is a much more expensive method of whitening one’s teeth.

Then there is the Blue Light Teeth Whitening method. This method literally uses a blue light as a means of activating the reaction that takes place between the teeth and the hydrogen peroxide. This is a professional treatment and can be quite effective – it is said to endure for several years. After a few sittings with a dentist, you will begin to notice results right away.

Home based methods of tooth whitening include the use of gels that have solutions of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide in them. After prolonged usage, these gels show positive results.
Those individuals who live very busy lives should use professional methods of tooth whitening in order to get that perfect shiny smile. Others can use stay at home methods of tooth whitening and patiently wait for the changes to surface.

Of course the best method of keeping one’s teeth white is known as prevention. Smoking and using other tobacco products causes discoloration of the teeth, as does drinking coffee and red wine. If you have to engage in such activities, then try to brush your teeth immediately afterwards – or, at the very least, rinse your mouth out with water. Then you will find that you will not have to research tooth whitening methodologies, as your smile will already be quite shiny on its own! After whitening the teeths singnin at the worlds most popular platinum play casino to play your favourite casino games. Check for exclusive welcome bonus poker chips.