Marketing promotions in sales

Having established SMM promotion, it would not hurt to think about a full-fledged advertising campaign – with announcements on radio and television, banners, banners and handouts: leaflets, booklets and business cards.

A marketing campaign designed to increase sales may be timed to a specific event (the birthday of a retail store, a state or religious holiday, the opening of a new outlet) or be held in order to maintain popularity among customers; in the first case, it is necessary in parallel with the placement of ads and the production of promotional materials to distribute bonus or discount cards to several first visitors; in the second, it is enough to launch several new videos on TV and on the Global Network, and also to announce several “discount” days.

Marketing promotion may include:

    discounts on certain types of products or on all goods;
    the organization of celebrations, up to concerts of famous performers;
    offering products to visitors for tasting.

In all cases, it is necessary to take care of the comfort and safety of customers both in the retail store and in the adjacent territories: queues, crowding and brawls associated with discounts or free distribution of goods become more and more private phenomena, but each of them is serious, and sometimes and an irreparable blow to the reputation of the outlet and its owner.

Related offers

In accordance with the law, each individual product is sold by itself; the seller is not entitled to impose anything in addition to the consumer. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to offer it – with a small discount or in the popular N + 1 format: the customer buys several units of products and gets an extra for free.

Another option is to establish cooperation with other entrepreneurs selling heterogeneous products: for example, upon presenting a receipt from a sports shoe store, a visitor to a retail outlet where accessories of the same direction are presented receives a small discount — or can use a single discount card there and there. There are many options for mutually beneficial relationships; it is highly desirable that they do not lead to the formation of a syndicate – statistics show that retail stores that have lost their independence are no longer so attractive in the eyes of the end user.

    Tip: in spite of the attractiveness of interaction with other stores, at first, in order to increase sales, it is better to conduct “internal” actions; on them, if in the first year we managed to significantly increase the number of regular customers, we can stop there.

As in the other cases, potential buyers should be notified about the events held in advance – otherwise some of them simply will not have time to go to the retail store, and it will not be possible to raise sales as we would like.

Sales Training

It is necessary to pay attention to the qualifications of sellers who directly interact with customers: they must at least understand the assortment and have an idea of ​​the norms of communication. It is unacceptable that an employee of a retail store ignored a visitor’s request to approach him, did not pay attention to a potential buyer, who was standing too long near one storefront, or responded to appeals and comments insufficiently politely.

Wrong on the part of the seller will also be imposed: a person, even entering the store with a specific goal or without it, may not feel enthusiastic about communicating in principle or not being disposed towards the conversation at the moment. Be that as it may, the visitor must be greeted and willing to help him when needed; in the future, until a suitable situation arises, it should be left alone – and not interfere with leaving the outlet if he has not chosen anything.

It would be optimal to send sellers to корпоративные тренинги по продажам, or professional sales тренинги продажи по телефону; such events are not too expensive, and the results from them are in most cases positive.

Book of complaints and suggestions

The book of comments and suggestions, in accordance with the law, should be in any outlet; However, by most entrepreneurs and sellers, it is perceived as a book of complaints – this is a fundamental error.

In no case can not hide the book from visitors; it should always be visible, best of all, on the information stand. Once a month it is necessary to look through the document, focusing on useful advice and comments from visitors, rewarding distinguished sellers and conducting explanatory work with the “distinguished”.

This approach to working with customer reviews allows you to quickly increase sales, without ordering expensive research and not wasting time trying to find a marketing policy.

    Tip: in addition to the book reviews and suggestions, it would be nice to have short questionnaires in a retail store – they can be placed on the table or directly at the checkout. Placing checkmarks in several fields is easier for a visitor than making an independent entry in a book – and the information obtained in this way will almost not be inferior in quality to that obtained by the first described method.