Kybella vs CoolMini: Which Would You Choose?

Since Kybella made its footprint in the aesthetic market, it’s been gaining in popularity. Kybella is a ground-breaking injectable treatment that can minimise the look of a double chin with remarkably only one to two sessions. However now, there’s also another solution available – CoolSculpting. Recently the FDA increased its approval of CoolSculpting for treating smaller areas, like the submental fat below your chin. Before this approval CoolSculpting was only used for areas like the thighs and stomach; Now thanks to the new applicator the CoolMini smaller areas of the body can be treated.

How the two treatments work:

Kybella is an injection that contains a naturally materialising substance that dissolves fat; your body in time will flush the fat out on its own. A suitable candidate is an individual that has good skin and a noticeable double chin.

The CoolMini is the brand new innovative attachment for CoolSculpting treatment—a procedure which crystallises fat cells at freezing temperatures and then destroys them. Just a single CoolMini session takes about one hour and can freeze leading up to 1/3 of the chin fat. There are absolutely no needles used, and even better there is zero downtime. For a more contoured physique with practical, long-lasting results visit Man Cave Sydney CoolSculpting clinic.

The treatment is ideal for women with loose and mature skin. Just like CoolSculpting technology, the CoolMini, sucks up the treatment area into the hand-piece while as its chilling. Younger skin is generally too taut therefore results would not be the same as with someone with loose skin. The end results for both the CoolMini and Kybella usually start to appear in one to two months.

Side effects:

No matter what route you take, you can expect a bit of swelling in your neck along with minimal soreness. There’s also a possibility that the treatment area will be numb for up to one month, redness also occurs for a few days with Kybella. There may also be some redness and numbness with the CoolMini, but it generally dissipates sooner than in Kybella. There is a rare side effect of the CoolMini, and that is that the applicator may not cover all of the treatment areas, and it can be quite challenging to taper off the sides. This means that you could get an impression where the fat was targeted, but the surrounding fat will still remain.

The price:

When thinking about procedure costs, it really breaks down to what treatment requires the most sessions. CoolMini generally costs roughly $1000 per session and usually, one to two treatments are needed to achieve the desired results. Kybella normally requires three treatment sessions and costs about $5000 in total, but this depends on how much submental fat is under the chin.