Is Mobile Storage Better?: 4 Ways Mobile Storage Takes the Stress Out of Packing and Moving

Most people don’t even think about storage until it is time to make a big move, downsize a current living situation, or there’s a need to temporarily store possessions. When it comes to students, the big move home happens multiple times a year which may mean packing up an entire apartment every summer to only unpack it at home and repack it again when the school year rolls back around. While traditional storage may seem like a hassle not worth the time and energy required, student storage is made possible with mobile storage options that will cut down the amount of packing or unpacking while making it all completely convenient.

While mobile storage is not a totally new idea, many still don’t understand or know how it differs from traditional storage. Here’s how mobile student storage can take the pain out of the end of semester moving rush.

Mobile Storage Comes To You

The worst part of traditional storage is trying to figure out how to lug everything to the storage units that could either be around the corner or 3 towns over. Mobile storage units redefine the term door to door service as the mobile storage units are dropped off to your location.

Cut Down Your Packing and Unpacking Time 

When it comes to packing, the truth is that no one likes it. But the only thing worse than packing up an entire apartment is having to unpack it all into storage only to repack it to take it back to student living in the fall and let the cycle continue. With mobile storage, customers can pack their belongings one time, load up all of the boxes into the mobile pods and Box-n-Go will take care of the rest. When the time comes to unload the pods, they are delivered to make the process that much easier.

Cost Efficient

Packing up an apartment can be costly. From the boxes and tape to the storage units, gas, and truck charges that go along with keeping your belongings safe, the fees can be endless. However, with mobile storage, the company does the heavy lifting to cut down the costs. Unlike traditional storage units, mobile storage units don’t charge a truck fee which allows customers to take their time packing up their belongings and loading them into the pods.

Worry Free and Straight Forward

Storage units can be confusing and laced with limitless hidden fees. Mobile storage units take the stress out of packing and student storage. After the pods are delivered and customers load them up, Box-n-Go takes care of everything else from there. No need to brush up on the latest when it comes to the storage unit industry. They’ll take care of it.