It has been more than 3 decades now, for which we have been ensuringfinancial protection for victims suffering from personal injury by demanding optimal compensation in every case.We support you in filing your injury claim in aneffective and most efficient manner. In case of a mishappening or an accident, relative/close friend from the injured party or he/she can hire an Attorney as early as possible, if he or she feels that the fault was of the other party. This would ensure proper counselling of the injured party regarding his/her Rights and preservation of the evidence on the spot for fair investigation.


Worth of your case would be dictated by:

  1. Testimony of the Doctor concerned regarding your injuries.
  2. Percentage of disability caused there upon.
  3. Facts that lead to such an accident.
  4. Severity of the case.


Statute of Limitation in Texas varies from one case to another. Every case is unique involving certain issues. Most of the cases are resolved in the limited timeframe owing to Adjustors or Attorneys involved, depending on the parties and the events surrounding the site of the accident. The Baumgartner Firm is a well-known name for its transparent policies regarding payment of fees. Only after the case is evaluated by the firm and given the consent, the client has is required to sign a Retainer Agreement that provides the Attorney with the authority for pursuing the matter against the at-fault parties on behalf of the client. It is in that document, that the injured party agrees for payment of some percentage of the recovery or the reimbursement which is made, to the Attorney. This is because the Attorney also incurs some expenses towards filing your injury claim in the court, maintaining medical records and the investigation fees.

More the severity of the damages, the more important it is to hire an Attorney at the earliest as this would be beneficial in documenting the facts relating to the case without making any prior false written or recorded statement. This is helpful in ensuring proper legal justice for the accident by avoiding any misconceptions for the case to be investigated.


The important point to consider is that at no point, a client is asked to pay for aforesaid expenses in advance. In addition to this, the client always enjoys the benefit that, no reimbursement of expenses or fees are to be deposited by the party, in a case that does not result into a positive settlement or verdict between the two parties involved.


There are some tips that are crucial to be taken care of by the clients:

  1. Contact an experienced Attorney as soon as possible after the accident.
  2. Be completely honest.
  3. Cooperate with the staff.
  4. Follow the instructions of the doctor concerned for fast recovery.
  5. Do not sign any document without reading.
  6. When in doubt, feel free to discuss the issue with the Attorney.