Imperative gospels about granites and marbles

Everybody nowadays is aware of granite and marble as it is being used in offices, homes and architectural buildings. These are very beautiful and crowd-pleasing materials. Although both granite and marble are natural stones excavated from earth yet they are very different from each other in composition, properties and so on. Choosing between marble and granite depends upon the aesthetic effects one wants to have. Marble is known to be more luxurious and elegant stone than granite. These are very popular materials for bathroom and kitchen tops. Granite is the preferred stone if the functionality and durability are the factors to decide. St. Louis Stone Supplier provides the wide range of granite and marble categories to choose from.

Selecting equitable stone for kitchen tops

It is a very arduous task to select the right kind of stone while redesigning the kitchen. The process has become more challenging due to the availability of a wide range of colors and textures to choose from. The stone to be selected should match with the flooring, cabinets and other kitchen aspects so that a harmony and synchronization of the kitchen are maintained.

Care and Maintenance

Granite and marble require very less maintenance and can be cleaned with even soap and water. Moreover, both are heat resistant and can withstand high temperatures and highly resistant to scratches which makes them highly compatible for use in kitchens. The granite if gets damaged can be easily fixed by the fabricator.

Installation of stones

Granite and marble are very easy to install and maintain. While installing them on kitchen tops, they can be extended beyond the cabinets to add to the kitchen space. While installing the stone, it has to be kept above the level of dishwashers to avoid tipping of machine and vibrations during operation. The seams are only visible after installation if keenly observed. The thickness of the granite and marble to be used for countertops is 3 centimeters and stone of this thickness is suitable for placing on cabinets too. After installation epoxy resin is applied for filling the weak places and this increases the strength of the stones.

Buying the right kind of marble for the house is a bit tricky task as one may get cheated with the inferior quality or replica of the marble. St. Louis Stone Supplier provides superior quality of marble and granite with the availability of both in different colors and textures. Both the stones are most often used for various purposes yet there are certain specifications on the basis of which both are characterized for uses. Marble is softer and more porous than granite and on the other hand, granite is non-porous and resistant to abrasion, and staining. Both are hard, heavy and resistant to heat and scratches and come in wide range of colors and appearances. Both the stones are easily spoiled by greasy and highly colored products, and that’s why they require sealing very often. It can be said that both the stones have properties of their own and both represent a significant expenditure.