How to Search for a Criminal Attorney

There’s nothing fun and exciting about facing criminal charges. One day you find yourself enjoying all that life has to offer and the next, you’re being arrested for a mistake or something that wasn’t even your fault. If you try to face criminal charges on your own, you’ll find the law and the court system to be extremely confusing. Many people have no clue what criminal proceedings are like. They think you get locked up, stand in front a judge or jury, get deemed as innocent or guilty, and then face a sentencing. The truth is, though, criminal court proceedings are far from this. You will have court hearings designating you with an attorney, setting a bond, arraignments, and much more. Some criminal court cases take years to resolve.

If you’re asking where is a criminal attorney near me, make sure to use these helpful tips to find the best one to represent you and your case.

Look in the Telephone Book

A more traditional way to find a criminal attorney is to use a telephone book. Many phone books feature ads for the criminal defense attorneys in your area. The ad will provide contact information and may include the lawyer’s areas of expertise. Telephone directories are not used nearly as much as they were in the past, as most attorneys rely on the Internet for advertising and promoting their firms.

Ask for Recommendations

It’s never a bad idea to ask around for recommendations when searching for a criminal attorney. Referrals from family and friends are a good place to start. While not all people have had to work with a criminal lawyer, its possible a friend or personal contact can direct you to an attorney they believe is worth recommending.

Pay Attention to Billboards and TV Ads

Many criminal attorneys have found success in advertising on billboards and television. It is wise to research the lawyer’s background and past performance before taking the ad at face value.

Use the Internet

The Internet can provide a good deal of information on criminal attorneys. Online services are being used more than ever before when searching for an attorney. There are sites that allow you to do a complete search of an attorney’s background. Many have their own personal websites and it is not uncommon to find client reviews on these sites.

Contact a Bail Bond Business

Bail bond businesses have worked with a mass amount of criminal attorneys and asking for their input on an attorney that is familiar with the criminal court system or has experience with the local prosecutors is a good way to find reputable criminal attorneys.