How to Reach to a Larger Number of Instagram Followers?

Simply posting awesome photos mightn’t take you to where you desire on Instagram. You will have to bring in some great strategies to make people see your photos, follow you and engage with you through free Instagram likes.

Following are some techniques through which you can grow the followers of your brands:

  • Use Hashtags to Reach to Vast Numbers of Instagramers

The feeds of the Instagram changes very fast, and there is a big chance that your post will get lost quickly. Only using hashtags, you can increase the shelf-life of the posts you made. Hashtags will increase the audience base through the keywords, and you will remain forever discoverable.

Mostly the posts carry one hashtag but don’t limit yourself with only one hashtag. You should include at least more than five hashtags.

So how to do Hashtag?

  • Use keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business
  • Research about the hashtags that are popular. By using data analysis app, such as Iconosquare, you can research trending and popular hashtags on You can check if #womenfashion or #womensstyle is more popular and is searched more. After that, you scan the people who used the hashtag and are their posts relevant to that community.
  • Don’t use a similar type of hashtags. Make them a mix of big hits and specific tags. The hashtags with high numbers aren’t always the best ones. When you tag your pic in a hashtag such as #fashion, your post will get lost in the sea of posts. Get something that is more specific will narrow down the community and your post will remain in the top for a longer period.
  • You can create your own Create hashtags that are unique and are relevant around your brand. Users will find you in that hashtag whenever they want to use your hashtag.
  • To complement your post, select five hashtags. This is a smart way of putting tags is to put the tags in comments after your post is already made. This will ensure that your tags do not overpower your caption.
  • Invite Ambassadors of Instagram

A team of ambassadors is needed to spread the words of benefits to the customers. Your Instagram followers should be requested to make posts of photos and reviews, and that is going to help you to reach to many more users. The influence of brand social media on purchase is like 78%. The more people praising your brand and sharing about your brand will give you an opportunity to get more buyers.