How To Keep Your Air-Conditioner Pocket-Friendly

Summer without air conditioner is just like food without salt, it is really very difficult to stay cool in summer and scorching heat without an air conditioner, so if we want to use the air conditioners we must be aware of few hacks which actually keep the same a little pocket friendly, as we all know that running an AC continuously can lead to higher unit consumption and as a result a very high electricity bill so to control the same few points can be applied to keep the budget under control.

Few Points To Keep In Mind:

  1. Maintain A Proper Temperature – Always keep the temperature of your air conditioner at higher ends, the best temperature will be 22 – 24 degree. The less the temperature the higher will be the electricity consumption. Thus maintaining a proper temperature can save a lot from your pockets.
  2. Heat Emitting Appliances – Reduce heat emitting appliances in your home or the room where you are using the air conditioner, gadgets such as television, computers also generate an amount of heat and raise the room temperature.
  3. Keep Your Air Condition Clean – Proper maintenance is always required and can lead to a long life of the system.
  4. Proper Shade – Try to give a shade with trees or curtains where a lot of sunrise falls, this will reduce the temperature again.
  5. Keep It On When It Is Actually Needed – Not to be mentioned, but use the same when it is actually required.
  6. Keep Your Windows Closed – To keep your room cool for longer period keep your window closed during the day so that the heat does not enter the room directly.
  7. Close The Ventilators– Close the ventilator so that even after switching of the air conditioners the room will remain cool for the longest time.

Thus by using all the above hacks you can really afford the air conditioner bill and can have a cool summer. Follow these simple rules and it helps you to save power consumption and it will save the electricity bill as well.

Air conditioners must be maintained regularly for getting better results.