How to keep a single child occupied at home?

Keeping children occupied at home during long winter months can become challenging at times. Attention in their brains begins to dwindle somewhat and they demand a never-ending supply of new interesting ideas.

Here are 8 ways you can keep their little minds busy by creating laughter and memories inside your homes – these can be enjoyed either together with friends or individually if they are an only child.

Build a den with blankets, duvet covers and anything else you can find. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Join them inside the den. Turn off the lights; maybe use a torch to tell a ghost story. Kids love dens.

Read books together. Create a calm relaxing atmosphere and read one of their favorite books – even if you have read it 1000 times. Better still – get them to practice their reading and observational skills – ask them questions about the characters. This will give you a further insight into their progression in these vital life skills.

Eat lunch in their bedroom. Kids thrive on excitement, so to have their parents eating lunch inside their own room would be a win-win solution. Blankets can be used as a make-believe picnic area; music can be played in the background. Maybe allow your child to help you prepare the lunch. Eat, chat and laugh together.

Snuggle in front of the TV and watch a film. Go grab those trusty blankets again and snuggle on the sofa. Grab some popcorn and a tasty drink and watch a family favorite together all tucked under the safety and security of a blanket and a cozy, warm house.

Invite a cousin, friend or neighbor around for a play-date. Having a familiar face in the house will be a novelty for them. And they will relish the opportunity to play games together. Introduce dressing up and role play as you allow their imaginations to run away. Perhaps involve them in preparing a lunch or light snack.

Spending time coloring pages. Go grab those trusty felt-tips or crayons and some nice coloring pages from their favorite coloring books. The simple task of coloring can become very stimulating for their young minds. Benefits include: enhanced concentration and improved hand-eye coordination, to name a few.

Build a spaceship using household items. Do it using everyday items from the cupboards or refrigerator such as empty jars or washed out cartons of fruit juice to construct the greatest spaceship in the world. Allowing their minds to be free in making the spaceship as fun and extravagant as possible. Of course, it does not have to be a spaceship – how about a car made from tomato ketchup bottles? The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination without limits and the game will definitely be successful.

Have fun. It is probably the most important way to keep children occupied. Just have fun. Run around the house, do star-jumps, dance to their favorite song. Make them laugh out loud. Priceless memories for all and amazing bonding moments to enjoy.