Healthy Life: How do you follow a healthy routine

For a healthy life, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle. For living healthy for a long-term, you have to keep space for healthy food, physical activity and good hygiene in your daily routine. You should sleep peacefully and avoid following fad diets. Maybe to completely starting a healthy lifestyle from day one is not possible by most, it may require some serious adjustments, but committing to a healthy life can be done right now by improving lifestyle from right now.

  • Healthy foods: Avoid the food that contains unhealthy fats, if not eat foods which contain minimal bad fats. Trans fats are present in baked products, frozen pizza, fried foods, processed foods, etc. Minimize consuming them as less as you can. Saturated fats should also be avoided as much as you can. They are contained in pizza, red meat, cheese and full-fat diary products.

You should instead take good fats or poly or mono unsaturated and omega 3 fats. They are found in olive, soy, sunflower, corn oil, peanut and canola. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fishes.

  • Avoid sugar and highly refined carbohydrates: You should choose whole fruits, fresh juices, and whole gain bread. You should avoid soft drinks, sweets, white bread, sugary fruit juices.

  • Don’t eat processed food; you should eat whole foods of different types.

  • Try to consume organic foods, buy from local food stores or local farmers.

  • Commit to regular exercising: Your body needs exercise to keep it fit. Do stretch exercises, try to visit Personal training Alexandria at least 3 to 5 times a week or run or walk on a nearby track or park for almost every day.

  • Avoid habits that are unhealthy: You should avoid yo-yo dieting, stay away from fad diets, avoid exercising for too long and too intensely to avoid injuries, avoid smoking and recreational drugs, take alcohol on the controlled limit, and sleep at least for at least 7 to 9 hours a day.

  • Good hygiene: Maintain good hygiene and staying clean is a must to avoid germ attacks.