Get a Great Skin Glow for That Special Occasion

Ever been to the beach on holiday and returned with a gorgeous tan?  The kind that makes all your friends, family, and work colleagues filled with envy.. Well, you can get that same great vacation result without even having to set foot on the  beach. It’s possible to achieve that look without even leaving the Manhattan. Visit Gotham Glow salon in the heart of the Flatiron District. A Gotham Glow suits everyone’s skint tones and is a quick and easy way to get the sought after look.  

Need to get vacation ready? Take a look at our different tans specially designed for all occasions.

  • Our signature tan, a Gotham Glow is the perfect, natural airbrush tan
  • Microglow: Not quite a tan, just enough color to look well rested
  • Macroglow, similar to Gotham Glow but developed with more DHA tanning solution for a deeper golden glow.

All tans are available in the express version, which depending on how dark you want to go can shorten the development time.

Choose from:

  • Full Body tans (Includes face)
  • Face only tan
  • Package Tans: Purchase a series of six tans and save

Gotham Glow tans definitely give you that natural tan look without looking like a spray tan. There is nothing like having healthy-looking skin during those chilly months but of course, a Gotham Glow is great for summer, too. Make those summer vacation plans now and be sure to get ready to go with your Gotham Glow.

Gotham Glow has a look for every occasion and for every skin tone. What’s more, our easy pop-up tent for mobile tans is a great way to get a tan without ever leaving home?

You can have your in-private tan at your home. Our highly trained techs will set up a no mess tent in minutes right in the privacy of your hotel or home. There are also the Gotham Glow parties to consider. The five-at-a-time parties offer a special price reduction.

There are some things to consider before having your tan, some of these are;

  • Any waxes, facials and pedis should be done prior to your appointment, make sure all residual oils etc. are wiped off.
  • For the best results also prior to tanning, do not apply your moisturizer before, tans are always better applied to dry skin
  • Shave before you come, and for best results, use a blade razor for a close shave and leave off the after-shave conditioners or lotions, they contain alcohol. Also, leave all these products off pre and post tanning for best results. Remember, a luke-warm shower with no soap for your first after tan shower