Do’s And Don’ts Of Seeing Your Podiatrist

There are simply some things you need to avoid when going to a podiatrist, even if it is just for examination. A huge don’t is to self-diagnose and avoid going to the podiatrist until things turn for the worse. If you need help, you should go to a reputable clinic, such as Orthotic Solutions Podiatry.

Who is a podiatrist?

Podiatrists are doctors who specialize in keeping our feet healthy and their patients happy. While, your family doctor, will probably be able to treat minor feet conditions, if something a bit bigger happens, your podiatrist will need to take a look. But if you are visiting a podiatrist the first time, there are some things you need to know.

Podiatrist can tell you what is really wrong with your feet

The do’s:

  • Not all insurance providers cover all the podiatrists, so make sure to get a referral from your insurance company.
  • You should create a list of symptoms that you noticed, as this will help the podiatrist get to the bottom of that pain easily.
  • You should also mention the slightest issues you have been experiencing, no matter how small they are.
  • If you are unable to take all the information in, then bring a pen and paper. Your podiatrist will not mind if you write down what he or she said.
  • It is important to bring the medical and laboratory tests with you, especially if they are connected to your feet.
  • Create another list of all the medications you are currently taking, or the surgeries and procedures you had done.
  • Mention any allergies you have, and describe them.
  • If you are pregnant or you are planning to get pregnant, this should also be mentioned.
  • The more active people, or the ones who spend most their day on their feet, should bring their shoes with them, and mention this to their podiatrist because many times our shoes are the culprit of our pain.
  • Wash your feet and dry them properly before you visit your podiatrist. If you have any problems do not hesitate to visit Podiatrist Double Bay like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry.

As long as your legs are clean, a podiatrist will not care if they are shaved or not

The don’ts:

  • There is no need for you to shave your legs, and this is something women tend to do a lot before they go to the podiatrist.
  • Another thing to not concern yourself with is a pedicure because if you have a toenail discoloration, covering it up will not allow your podiatrist to see what the real problem is.
  • Don’t cut your toenails too short. It is okay to cut your toenails if you know how, but if you are going to your podiatrist it is good to let them be a bit longer, in case your podiatrist needs a part of them sent to the lab.
  • Don’t paint your toenails, just like you did not get a pedicure. Leave your feet and legs as natural as you are comfortable to be.
  • You should never be afraid to ask questions when you are at the doctor’s. If there is anything that you are concerned with or want to know, feel free to ask your podiatrist.

Final word

Our feet are actually the most neglected part of our body, and they should not be, seeing that they do the most work during the day. Your feet are carrying you everywhere you need to go, so make sure to take proper care of them. One way you can do this is by visiting your podiatrist on time!