Choosing the Taxi In the Best Deals for You

The cost of using a rental car or taxi will only be reimbursed if there are valid reasons.There are valid reasons for renting a rental car if regular means of transport cannot be used to complete the service business and therefore a motor vehicle must be used and a service vehicle is not available.

Basically, only the cost of renting a motor vehicle of the lower middle class (e.g. golf class) can be refunded. Recognition of valid reasons is usually to be obtained before the commencement of the business trip.

  • There are valid reasons for using a taxi, especially if
  • In individual cases there are urgent official reasons (e.g. state of health)
  • Regular means of transport do not or do not operate in a timely manner or

Between 11pm and 6am it is necessary to use a taxi to get in and out, as well as to do business at the place of business.

Lack of location and adverse weather conditions are no valid reasons.

  1. A taxi is fast, punctual, reliable, mostly available and the stop is right on your doorstep.
  2. For those who need a car only occasionally, a taxi is cheaper. For a private car beats insurance premium, taxes, workshop or inspection costs, underground parking or parking space fees, ongoing maintenance costs and last but not least with high gasoline or diesel prices to book. If you then add the loss of value of the car, comes quickly an amount of several thousand euros a year together. Think about how often you can take a taxi.
  3. You should also prefer a taxi if you have drunk alcohol. Because driving with alcohol should remain taboo, as the driving license withdrawal and thus the follow-up costs can be very expensive.
  4. You will also be driven in a neat, comfortable and smoke-free vehicle. For special rides you can order a car without taxi color (wedding or similar). The taxi driver is for some passengers also a contact or even confidant or even “only” a conversation partner.
  5. In a taxi up to 6 people are transported at a price, making it the cheapest means of transport for short trips.
  6. The taxi is also the only working round-the-clock means of transport.
  7. In our taxi the customer is “king”, as the saying goes, and you decide when, where, how long. Because the taxi industry is a service industry.

To go to the airport, the best option is to be driven by a friend or a relative, we all agree on it. Then there is the STM shuttle option ($ 10 when you buy a transport ticket valid for 24h or free if you have a monthly transportation card).