Choosing office blinds made easy

Majority of the workplaces nowadays, prefer window blinds over that cliché curtains. This is mainly due to the fact that blinds can control light better than curtains. However, the process of choosing the proper office blinds can turn out to be a bewildering decision.

According to seasoned blind selling service providers like Superior Blinds, there are two key factors that play an important part. Firstly, you need to determine the blind type and the second important thing to consider is the blind colour.

Three main types

The most common types used in offices are

  • Venetian blinds

  • Roller blinds and

  • Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds-Among the three major types mentioned above, the most common is vertical blinds. Most of the modern offices are seen to install vertical blinds as these types are characterized by vertical panes that are broad in size. The most prominent feature of vertical blinds is their versatile nature when it comes to controlling light. To any implicitly full light reflecting situation, vertical blinds offer total blackout solution. These types are perfect for offices constructed with large windows from floor to the ceiling. They come in several colorand finishes.

Venetian blinds-Known as the most traditional office window blinds, Venetian blinds are far from normal twisted and tangled plastic blinds. Nowadays Venetian blinds are either made of wood or aluminum. Such types are seen the most in executive spaces as they offer a sleek look when installed. However, these types do not match with rooms having large windows from floor to ceiling. Just like vertical blinds, they too offer total light control but still allow some narrow amount of light to enter.

Roller blinds- As the very name suggests, these blinds are used for light control and are either totally or partially rolled down. However, translucent materials are there through which light enters. Roller blinds are the type that locks light totally. Such blinds are best for rooms like meeting hall, conference roomsand presentation rooms. This is mainly because, in such rooms,presentations are often emblazoned across these blinds.

Depending on the requirement of the office room, roller blinds come in different looks and finishes. The solar protective type helps to keep sun glare on the computer screen at bay. Other types of finishes are antibacterial and flame redundant finish.

Select the color scheme

The final choice of office blindsdepends on the amount of light needed in each room and light levels in the office. Apart from these, other factors that influence the decision are the size of windows and also specific aesthetic preferences of the office owner. So, apart from blind types, the color of the blinds should also be considered before the installation process. You can consult with a seasoned window blinds service provider like Superior Blinds.

The office atmosphere can be affected or altered a lot by the use of a specific color of window blinds. However, in most of the cases, these blinds are chosen depending on the overall color scheme of the office. Some of the rarely chosen colors are orange and red as they tend to distract the focus of employees. Colors that dominate office blinds are grey, blue and light brown as these are calming colors and helps to keep concentration intact.