Choose the microwave oven of various designs- Countertop or above-range style

It is very easy to save our cooking time by using a microwave oven. We use microwaves for cooking any type of food. However, due to the increasing use of this microwave oven, the manufacturers have introduced this appliance in various models and styles for the convenience of the users. While you are reading a microwave buying guide, you can find the oven of two major models, including the countertop and above-the-range type. We help you to realize the difference between these two styles of the microwave oven. You can choose the better one that fits rightly in your kitchen.

Countertop style microwave oven

While you have bought above-the-range style, the system suspends from your cabinetry just above your stove. This is also inserted into the vent for the escape of hot air from your house. However, for those, who prefer a free-standing system, there is a countertop oven. The feet or base of this countertop oven is small and flat. You may also stack it over a different appliance, like your refrigerator.

Countertop microwaves are usually the most portable and the compact ones. Since they are very small, most of the modern consumers like to use them to reheat foods, make popcorn or thaw frozen dishes.

The width, depth, and height of these ovens can be 18 x 14 x 12 inches. Their capacity can be 1 cu ft, while the power of these systems ranges from 500 W to 1000 W. You may carry these portable microwaves to any site while you are on a trip.

However, one of the issues is that these countertop microwave appliances can consume much amount of space on your kitchen worktop. The modern models are integrated with special kits, which enable you in mounting the system under your cabinet.

Above-range microwave- Is it right for you?

It is another oven style that uses the available space in the most optimized way. The manufacturers are trying to make improvements to these systems. You can find better exhaust fans to emit the steam.

In most cases, you will get multispeed fans, helping in the recirculation of air with the use of a charcoal filtration system. These fans can get activated automatically, while the stove top turns out to be hot.

Now, after realizing the above differences, you will easily be able to make your decision and purchase the right microwave oven from the store.