Charities helping small business owners to help charities

Charities are some of the oldest and most useful of institutions in our society. Not only do they provide essential support to many people, they also go beyond that to make life comfortable for many people. Though the politics of charities have been much debated, their practical use remains unhindered. As long as the poverty, malnourishment and underprivileged people exist, the importance of charities cannot be discounted.

Yet, recently the contributions to charities have reduced a lot. Have people become more selfish? Quite possibly, the reduced hold of religion over human beings have resulted in less contribution towards charities as many of them are run by religious institutions. In such situations, how do charities survive? Well, the connected economy of the internet has a way out-Crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a process by which a lot of people come together and contribute small amounts of money to raise a huge sum that one person alone could not give. This is usually geared towards a specific cause. Such a system is therefore ideal for charities. They could reach out to people all over the world and to those who exist beyond the traditional religious “flock” to raise money for important reasons.

The rise of the internet has given birth to a group of people who are small business people. They consist of people who have used crowdfunding and other online facilities to raise capital. These people who are fluent with the internet are very likely to spot any charity campaign that is afloat on the internet. In order to attract these people, you need to make a campaign which is identifiable and is popular.

Crowdfunding in India is done through crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru, Ketto and Milaap. There are plenty of other platforms operational within the country. Any of these platforms is suitable for your charity crowdfunding campaign. However, make sure that your campaign type matches with their area of expertise before you start a campaign. Once you have done this, you can talk to all your contacts to popularize your campaign.

Making a campaign popular is not an easy task. One way of doing this is to get in touch with small businesses. These people are already utilizing social media effectively. Talk to them and convince them that contributing money to the charity is going to increase their appeal to their consumers.

Before approaching them, you should therefore have an idea of the demographic of their consumers. Once you have that, you can approach them and tell them about the campaign and what contributing to the campaign will get for them.

Apart from this, fundraising in India is also dependent on great campaigning and popularity. If you are contributing to a recent disaster, asking the newspapers to carry it in their columns might be useful.

There are other ways too. It is far easier to raise charity for a disaster than it is to say for an ongoing process. For this, you need to contact people and organizations who have taken an interest in the cause for a long time.

Always remember to create a team while you are raising money for your cause. A team greatly increases your campaign potential. It widens your reach. Moreover, your team members can manage the campaign when you are busy. Your campaign must also respond to queries, mails etc. and your team can help you with this too.

Crowdfunding is low-risk and zero-investment. All said and done, crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for those charities who need to reach beyond their closed circles in order to do great work.