Can I File a Lawsuit After a Dog Bite?

Being bitten by a dog can be a life altering experience, but many people are the victims of this unfortunate incident every single day. After you’ve been bitten by a dog, you are likely injured, unable to work, and perhaps even emotionally devastated. You may be wondering if filing a lawsuit is possible after the accident, since medical bills are piling up. The insurance company may or may not be any help at this time. Click Here to find out firsthand from a personal injury attorney what it takes to file a dog bite lawsuit if you’ve been bitten.

The good news is that most dog bite cases are handled out of court with the insurance company or even with the owner of the dog. Some matters, on the other hand, are not, due to the costs of the medical bills, dog owner’s negligence, or other factors. In such cases, filing a lawsuit is possible if the dog owner acted in a negligent manner that caused the dog to bite you. No, this doesn’t mean that the dog owner forced the dog to bite you. Instead it simply implies the owner failed to provide adequate care and control over the dog which resulted in the dog bite.

The Money That You Need

Dog bites leave victims with many injuries, some of which cannot be seen with the eye. Thankfully, the court recognizes that there is more to the matter. Not only does a lawsuit allow a victim to ask for money to cover the costs of their medical bills, but also lost wages and time off from work, punitive damages, and pain and suffering.  There is considerable emotional damage bestowed upon a person who sustains a dog bite, which is taken into consideration when deciding the case. Upon scheduling a consultation with an attorney, you can learn exactly how much money you may be able to claim in a personal injury case.

Documentation Matters

It is imperative to have as much documentation as possible available when filing a personal injury lawsuit for a dog bite. This includes medical bills and documents from the doctor detailing exact injuries, type of care received, and whether future care is needed. Many lawyers hire doctors to come to court to testify, which works favorable in all cases. Be sure to get statements from your employer detailing your time off from work, pay rate, and other critical information.

Photos Speak a Thousand Words

The most beneficial piece of evidence in a personal injury case is photographs of the bite. Make sure that you have photos of the dog bite as soon as it happens, after treatment, and once the injury starts to heal. This is great evident to present in court if the matter goes that far. Don’t take just one snapshot of the dog bite, just to be safe. Photos combined with other evidence, is great to help you win a personal injury case.