Bubba Kush – Is This a Good Strain to Grow?

The Bubba Kush strain is one of the most popular seeds for sale on Anubis-Seeds.co.uk, and it just so happens that it is my favourite as well. This is because I love the strong tranquilizing effects that the strain exhibits. The taste is also excellent. I would best describe it as coffee, chocolate sort of taste which is very enjoyable. The strong sense of relaxation that is evoked as a result of the tranquilizing effects is another advantage.

The sense of relaxation takes over your entire body, from your head to the tips of your toes. Some users may notice a euphoric effect, but this is not overpowering to an extent that it is not enjoyable. I find that my stress is reduced as a result of this strain, and my mood is also uplifted. If you suffer from depression, this is the strain for you.

When you grow this strain, the buds are quite large and the colorings are very pretty – a mixture of greens and purples.

There are comparisons to be drawn between Bubba Kush and other Afghani based strains, mainly because of the buds and plant structure. Nobody really knows where the strain came from. Some people believe it came about because of a cross in the mid 90s between OG Kush and an unknown strain of an Indica. It is widely speculated that this is Northern Lights, but this is up for debate.
Here is a review of what someone else thought of Bubba Kush.

Julien, from Newlands, said the following…

Bubba Kush had a similar effect of what an Indica would normally do to me – a mixture of relaxation, hunger and a sense of euphoric happiness. While a “couch lock” feeling persisted, many people could still go about their days ok. The high of Bubba Kush is not over powering and doesn’t result in fogginess – in fact – a sense of clarity filled my mind. I was even able to do some work and speak with friends while using Bubba Kush, and felt relaxed and free of anxiety throughout – it was that good! Give it a go.