Best 5 Exercises to Do in Your Apartment

Whether you have a full-time job, or you are a full-time student, it can be hard to find the time to make it to the gym regularly. Also, living in an apartment may not seem like it makes it much easier considering you have little space for movements. However, there are many advantages to home workouts in your apartment that you probably have never thought of. Here are some the top workouts to try out this winter to stay in shape:

1) Jogging

Wanting to stay in shape? Jogging is the perfect workout to achieve that goal. However, with limited space it may seem impossible to jog in your apartment. Therefore, start jogging in place. It is the perfect exercise to keep your heartrate up and build your endurance. If you want to add some intensity, add intervals of jogging and doing jumping jacks.

2) Weight Lifting

Free weights are the perfect exercise to do in an apartment because it involves very little movement. By doing reps with the weights, you can build or tone your muscles and gain strength.

3) Core

Having a strong core is very important. The best way to strengthen your core is by doing planks. To increase the intensity of planks, you can alternate from doing side and middle planks on your elbows to your arms. Also, you can challenge yourself by seeing if you can increase the time you hold the plank for each time.

Another great core workout are crunches with the stability ball. The benefit of the stability ball is that there are numerous exercises you can do with it. You can lie flat on your back and place the ball in between your legs and as you do a sit-up, you bring the ball and your legs up and try pass the ball back in forth to your hands and legs. You can also sit on the ball, balancing on your lower back and do different forms of crunches.

4) Arm Workouts

Other than free weights, another way to build arm muscles is by doing push-ups. If at first it is too difficult, you can modify them by doing push-ups from your knees and as you gain strength you can work up to doing push-ups from your feet. Instead of just regular push-ups, you can also tone and strengthen your arms by doing triceps dips. You can use a short table, couch, or anything else that is sturdy, including the floor, to hold yourself up and do triceps dips from there.

5) Leg Workouts

In order to do leg workouts, you do not need the machines. Your legs can benefit just as much, if not more, from doing lunches, wall sits, and squats. When doing lunges, depending on the amount of space you have you can do them in place or walking lunges. To intensify them, you can do jumping lunches in place.

Wall sits are perfect for building up endurance and strength for your leg muscles. You can also challenge yourself here by seeing if you can increase the amount of time you hold a wall sit for each time.

Finally, squats are great because there are many different kinds that will target different parts of your legs. Sumo-squats are a great squat for working out your inner thighs, and normal squats are just as good but for your quadriceps. You can also intensify your squats by adding a jump and doing jump squats.