Avoid These Mistakes as You PrepareYour Wedding Cards

Wedding cards are a great way to invite your friends and family to the most cherished times of your lives. These are a great way to put words of joys in a formal way, the very reason why they should be prepared with certain points in mind. Either paper-based or online, always avoid these mistakes in your wedding cards:

Including the plus ones

A lot of times people are not sure about the plus ones on their wedding cards. In online wedding cards, this is more common. Weddings can be conducted better if planned better. Always include plus ones as a response if expect a limited audience. In online wedding invitations that can be a part of the RSVPs.

Do not make it too clumsy

Wedding cards should be detailed but not over-crowded. Only fill the details which are necessary. Details of venue, timings are necessary, but they should not be an itinerary of your wedding procedures.

Be mindful of how you use your words

Words are a great way to express yourself. However, these are also alike for everyone. Wedding cards are sent to your friends and family but also to your colleagues.  They should not deviate from their theme of being a formal invitation. No point of laying all your vows on your wedding cards.

Illegible text

You should always be careful while selecting color combinations. Especially in case of paper-based wedding cards, color mismatches do not attract attention. The text should contrast with the color of the background.

Don’t miss out on important details

You wedding procedures should not come across as surprises to your guests. Make the basic idea of the procedures and services that you offer very clear. In case you are planning on a theme wedding, your guests should not be left confused with their dress choices. In destination wedding detail of accommodation, meals should be shared as you desire them to be.