America Veterans Have to Wait Decades to Be Diagnosis

30% of Americans diagnosed with mesothelioma are veterans. The period referred to as latency, is the time from the primary exposure to asbestos to the onset of symptoms indicating disease, for mesothelioma can range anywhere from 15 to 50 years. Essentially, this disease can stay dormant for many decades. So, many veterans who were active dutybetween the 1950s to the 1970s are just now being diagnosed and need assistance with this disease and what they can obtain from the Veterans Administration.

Retirement for them

These brave women and men have no idea that they would have to face a deadly illness in their remaining years when they had planned to be able to enjoy retirement and spend additional time with their family. Mesothelioma is a very difficult disease to fight and though there has been a great advance in mesothelioma treatment in the last several years, the overall prognosis for the disease is still not a very favourable one.

What VA offers

The Veterans Administration does offers some guidance to those persons who are affected, it has been clear that more needs to be done to support vets with mesothelioma, including compensation for expenses for medical treatments, loss of income as well as suffering.

Securing VA Benefits

If you are loved one need help securing VA Benefits, it often helps to get assistant from someone is familiar with the process. You are encouraged to ask for more information, about filing an asbestos-related VA claim.

Workersexposed – in the news

Over dozen or more employees were exposed to asbestos during current construction that is being done on a Building at the Veterans Affairs campus in Canandaigua, NY. The fate of these at Grinnell VA Memorial Center is not known after asbestos was removed and left the building in bad shape.

Situation you are in

If you are a vet or a family member is a vet and either was diagnosed, and you live in Maryland, you need to go to get advice from Maryland asbestos lawyer on how you file a claim with the Veteran Administration.