About E-cigarettes

Many people ask what e-cigarettes are. The answer is simply that they are electronic cigarettes. They operate by vaporizing a solution with nicotine. The vapor is then inhaled by the smoker. This is a practice known as vaping. The difference between them and ordinary cigarettes is that they do not burn tobacco. Consequently, they avoid generating tar and other noxious byproducts of smoke. Another thing is that they have an inbuilt battery, which energizes the vaporization process. The big question is, what purpose do they serve? A few answers to this question are discussed here.

They are Alternative Cigarettes

Nicotine free vapor liquid E-cigarette Club were introduced as an alternative to conventional cigarettes. The aim was to have addicted smokers turn to them, so as to avoid going for ordinary cigarettes. It was hoped that they would thus stop smoking. This has not proved to be the good idea it was hoped to be. Some smokers who never tried conventional cigarettes have been known to get into smoking through the electronic alternative. The assumption that this is a safer way of smoking has driven these new addictions. Consequently, the introduction of the electronic version has driven up rather than reduced the habit of smoking in some places.

They Have Potentially Toxic Content

The liquid that is vaporized in the e-cigarettes consists mainly of nicotine, glycerin and propylene glycol. Since the nicotine is still there, addiction to it is not avoided. Moreover, the vapor can be just as toxic to the body if taken continuously. The mix of chemicals is meant to enable the solution to vaporize easily. But the level of side effects they have on the body have not been quantified. What is for sure is that, the assumption that these alternative cigarettes are safe have no proven basis.

They Don’t Make You Quit Smoking

There are people who have turned to electronic cigarettes and successfully quit smoking. However, there are others who have tried them and failed to quit. It is thus not proven that the electronic gadgets help people to quit. Those who have quit, may have done so based on their personal willpower. Those who have failed to quit may have not had such a strong will. One thing that is for sure is that, there is still no clear-cut connection between using these cigarettes and quitting smoking. The best way out of the smoking habit therefore remains willpower. Anything else is merely an accessory.

There are Still Questions about E-Cigarettes

As stated above, many questions still abound about electronic cigarettes. They were supposed to lure people away from smoking, but have become an addiction in themselves. They are now alternative cigarettes that some people cannot do without. They were supposed to be safer than conventional cigarettes, yet they are known to contain toxic chemicals, which are potentially harmful. They were meant to help people stop smoking, but they have largely failed in that. The one thing that is clear is that willpower is still the only guarantee of quitting smoking.