A vibe for ladies and gentlemen

Reekado banks is an amazing Nigerian artist who’s currently signed to Mavin Records. His release ‘Ladies and gentleman’ was an instant hit. With his YouTube video reaching a whopping over 2 million views Reekado Banks has been stealing the hearts of Ladies and gentleman all around the world.

You can find this song on not only on YouTube but various music platforms like Spotify, iTunes,and SoundCloud. You can also find it for mp3 download on various websites. Download ice prince ft vanessa mdee mp3, a hit Nigerian number, topping the music charts all around!

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Ladies and gentleman song by reekado banks

You can describe this song as a mix of Raggae and pop which is what actually that makes it so unique. It has been a hit from the start with its catchy beats and easy lyrics. The song has some sentences in reekado’s native language but overall is written in English. A hype pop song with all the elements of becoming catchy the song has gained a lot of popularity over the last year. The song has been influenced by African drum beatsand that’s what makes it worth moving your leg to. If you’ve not heard it yet, hear it with headphones on for the full effect of the drums and crazy beats. The in-between African lyrics just add a touch of oomph to the whole thing. The song’s lyrics are not vulgar or using any cuss words that we find in music nowadays. In fact it’s just a clean fun song for all age groups. The raggea and popish genre combine well together to give us this amazing song that you can groove all the time and everywhere. Download the Ladies and gentleman song by reekado banks now.

The Official Music Video

The official music video has a theme that takes place all around Africa. From Tanzania to Cape Town, they have shot it all. The music video actually begins with reekado and the boys in a practice rehearsal messing with the drums and beats and talking to each other. They’ve shown people loving and dancing to the beats everywhere in Africa.

The video is superbly shot and put together giving us an authentic tour of African cities. It shows that the artist is proud to show off his wonderful heritage. And the studios have done that in a, particularly powerful way. In the entire music video, Reekado and the boys look like they are having fun. They are dressed in colorful African native clothing and are all smiles throughout. The music video in itself is pretty fun to watch because of the enthusiastic artists and dancers performing in it.

About the artist

Reekado banks is the last child of a music-loving family and during his debut was awarded the rookie of the year award at The Headies in 2015. He also won the Next Rated award at The Headies that time. His debut music album had been charting on the billboard and was at number 10on the world music album chart.

You can say that his music career started with his elder brother taking an interest in him at a young age. He taught him the know- how’s of making and producing music at a young age. After Mavin Records has put out an online talent search Reekado’s elder brother had given up his music for auditioning. Mavin Records then signed him and he soon released his first single ‘Turn it up’ which was an instant and a big hit with his fans.

He had shed his initial stage name Spicy and came out as the Reekado Banks we know now. To listen to anytype of music you should visit Seekhype.ng. You can also look for ice prince magician lyrics to enjoy Ice Prince Magician, the latest hit along with its lyrics to sing along.