7 Medical Tests Every Woman Should Have

Bogged down by responsibilities of the house and everyone in it, women hardly find time for their own selves. The lack of time often leads to negligence of health-related issues on their part.Working women, who have both their personal and professional lives to manage, are more likely to neglect their health and may only opt for a medical check-up when the issues worsen.

For our country to develop well and for the status of women to change positively, these practices have to change too. Even though there are various ailments that people in our country are prone to in general, there remain certain diseases that are highly likely to affect women more.

A few of the diseases that women must get health check-ups done for have been listed below –


As per reports, around 200 million all across the world are annually affected by osteoporosis. These numbers include one-tenth women of 60 years, one-fifth aged 70 years, two-fifths aged80 years and two-thirds of 90 years of age. Worldwide, where one in every five men suffers from osteoporotic fractures, the ratio for women is one in three.

DXA is a non-invasive and safe medical check-upfor detecting bone-density in individuals. NTX and a urine test are a few other tests that patients with low bone density may be asked to take.

Heart Health Test

Cardiovascular diseases rank as the number one cause of death among men and women globally. Even thoughsome are of the view that heart diseases are more common in men, the fact remains that women are equally prone to these ailments. High LDL cholesterol, high blood pressure, unhealthy habits and sedentary lifestyle are among the key risk factors for heart diseases. There are various health check-ups that you can get done for your heart health, beginning with blood pressure check-ups, stress tests, and an Electrocardiogram.

Ovarian Cancer

As the seventh mostly widely diagnosed cancersinwomen, ovarian cancer accounts for more than 250,000 new cases each year.So far, cases of ovarian cancer have been diagnosed more commonly in women of age 63 years or above.However, women at any age can develop this ailment. Obesity, breast cancer, hormone replacement therapy, and a family history of ovarian cancer are a few risk factors for this disease. A vaginal ultrasound using a baton-shaped scanner is a test for ovarian cancer.

Clinical Breast Exam and Mammogram

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in both developed and less developed countries. According to the World Health Organization, in the year 2011, around 508,000 women lost their lives to breast cancer. A clinical breast exam and mammogram are tests for detecting signs of breast cancer in women. While women aged 40 years and above are recommended a mammogram, women of 20 years of age and above should get themselves checked manually and at regular intervals for any issues. Women with signs of an abnormality may be suggested additional tests such as ultrasound and MRIs.


Colorectal cancer happens to be the third most common cancer worldwide, among both men and women and the second most common cancer among women alone. High consumption of processed meat, fats, and alcoholic drinks are among the leading causes of colorectal cancer. People with a family history of colorectal cancers are more at risk of suffering from it themselves.

In the initial stages, the chances of curing this disease are 90% and higher. Colonoscopy is a test that uses a tiny video camera known as colonoscope to diagnose the presence of any outgrowth in intestine.

Thyroid Problems

The chances of women suffering from thyroid problems, is five to eight times higher than that of men. Andinabout 60% of thyroid cases, patients are hardly aware that they are suffering from it. Sudden gain or loss in weight, fatigue,and depression are some of the common symptoms of thyroid diseases. However, since the signs for thyroid are ambiguous, it is best to take a health check to ascertain whether or not you are suffering from a thyroid disease. Blood tests for checking the level of TSH in the body is one of theexaminations that people suspecting thyroid disease can undergo.

Pap Smear

As per the World Health Organization, cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer among women worldwide. Nearly 270, 000 deaths occurred in the year 2015 due to cervical cancers and 90% women out of these belonged to low-income and middle-income countries. Human Papilloma Virus is the common causes behind women developing cervical cancer.

There are vaccines available these days that protect women against this virus. Early diagnosis and effective screenings are the key elements to successfully treating this disease. In a Pap smear test, a swab of cells from the individual’s cervix is sent to the lab for test. In case of abnormalities the patient may then be asked to undergo an HPV test.

Some of the top hospitals across the country these days offer health check-up packages for women covering the above-mentioned tests. Many of these procedures are part of full body check-ups too. Other than the above, women can also consider getting medical check-ups done for depression, lung cancer, diabetes, and so on.